What Could Possibly Happen in the Bedroom?

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Are you the type that wants to quit, but you just don’t have that ‘reason’ that gives you the needed push to finally quit? How about this: smoking decreases your desire and ability to perform in the bedroom, especially for men. As a matter of fact, erectile dysfunction can be related to the nasty products in your routine ‘fresh air’ roll-ups.

At one point, doctors were convinced that erectile dysfunction (ED) was caused mostly by emotional and/or psychological problems. This is no longer the case. Now, the medical field has a much better understanding about this issue and claims that 90% of the time, there is a physical reason linked to the embarrassing ailment that men can become plagued with. Currently, 15 to 30 million American men have this problem, and this could be the cause for some of them.

The list of reasons that can cause ED is quite long, but the fact is, it is often more than just one reason that is responsible for the issue to pop up. And, as though not getting it on often enough with your partner can become stressful already, you are now putting yourself at risk for cardiovascular problems: ED is one of the first symptoms of heart disease. If you are at the point of only starting to become a bit limp when it is time to go for it, you may want to review your life and all your bad habits, before it’s too late.

How does this happen? Medical studies have linked cigarettes with the formation of a plaque build-up in the arteries called atherosclerosis. This eventually blocks the passage for the blood flow, which can lead to heart problems and of course, ED.

Other findings include an increase of 60% of risks for ED in men who smoke at least 20 cigarettes per day. Out of the ones who smoke any amount, 15% admitted to having ED at least once in a while. And, this could carry on after quitting: 30% of men who smoke now or who have already quit are at risk of getting ED. And, if we compare with men who have never smoked, only 12% are at risk of developing this problem.

Now, how many of you believe they have what it takes to break the habit?


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