Letting Go of Anger

I have a good friend who is a wonderful person in every way you can think of, except for one thing. She cannot let go of anger. Oh, I don’t mean she walks around angry all the time. Actually, she’s a cheerful, happy person until “that” subject comes up. What’s the subject? Well, in her case, it’s her relationship with her brother. Read more

A Long List on How to Hold that Anger

I was in my teenage years when I realized that I developed a lot of hatred to almost everyone around me. I thought that by hating, I will automatically magnetize people to come and rescue me from all my hatred and fears. I value the people around me, but my doubts brought me closer to just hate and see who will stick with me. In the course of my adolescence, I was just a lost and curious sheep; waiting to be saved. Read more

Defeat Your Anger Before Anger Defeats You

Anger, fury, rage, wrath, annoyed, frustrated, irritation are emotions that each one has experienced at some point of time. These are healthy emotions which help us to vent out our feelings, make positive changes and take useful actions. Read more

Harnessing The Rage: The Art of Anger Management

I think we would all agree that anger management is very important, especially if you are a naturally irascible person. Anger is a normal human emotion, something that we all experience from time to time. It’s normal, but as we all know it can be extremely destructive and frightening, so it is important to know how to handle it. Read more