The Illogical Fear of Death

Death is a concept that seems, on its surface, concrete and finite–easily defined and described. The best definition we humans–who admittedly do not understand most things about the universe around them–can propose is in fact a simple one; the end of a life, or when a living thing ceases to live. Read more

Overcoming Phobias

One way in which many people could greatly improve their lives and develop themselves is in overcoming phobias. These conditions are quite common amongst humans and there are many different types. What exactly is a phobia? Read more

Conquering My Fears of Rejection

My heart was beating in my stomach as I sat on the couch at the bike shop. I looked over at Travis while he was working; I had to make the decision and I had to do it now. Read more

3 Important Decisions You Will Make Standing up to Fear

We all know fear.

Fear is the snarky bully who introduces itself somewhere around puberty and attends the School of Life with us from that moment on. The details of fear vary by person and by circumstance, of course, but generally, we adorable, self-interested little humans all tend to be scared of two things, regardless of any other factors at play: Read more