9 Ingredients for a Better You


This is not about you winning. This is about you completing a workout routine to live a healthy and right lifestyle. The more you invest on becoming physically in good shape, the more you’ll be the better version of you.

I’ve always wanted to be the best in everything I do. Alongside that, I used to think that I would be successful if I would maintain a repetitive lifestyle according to my needs and wants. I haven’t really given too much effort on keeping up with a fit exercise, because for me, as long as I eat at least three times a day, I would be as good as a healthy individual.

What I did not know is the fact that the more I neglect eating fruits and vegetables, and not following a routine for me to stay fit and healthy, the more my brain deteriorates into a weak and fragile part of my body. I was not aware that my brain needs exercise as well.

A friend once told me that in order for you to become fulfilled in this world, you should be mindful of the future while slowly progressing in the present; meaning, if you invest on becoming healthy now, then you’ll reap what you sow in the future. Eventually, you will become a strong and smart individual who can overcome any obstacles.

I have come up with a recipe of routine to have a fit and healthy brain. Here it goes:

1. The water therapy. I do not really like the idea of regularly drinking vitamins. It does not make sense if I would not drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. My dad, a doctor, always tells me that the secret to having a strong resistance to diseases is to hydrate myself with water.

2. Employ on new and exciting activities. Sign up for a dance class or learn a new language. It’s always challenging to try out something new. If you fail at first, it wouldn’t be a problem, as long as you’re trying to find your inner strengths and weaknesses. While learning, you’re brain becomes healthier too, so it’s definitely a win-win situation for you and your efforts.

3. Read on something interesting. Invest on books once in a while and read on topics about something you haven’t read before. When I don’t have budget for new books, I go to book sales. It always feels good to have cheap finds from thrift stores. Don’t forget to read your local newspaper as well; it would help stimulate your brain with the latest news within your metro.

4. Maximize your free time. Watch viral videos and even the non-trivial things. Find the inner child in you and entertain your brain once in a while. Stop focusing too much on serious matters. During your break time at work, clear your mind and laugh to recharge your brain and memory.

5. Listen to the radio. It’s always good to relax your mind through music. Research on independent artists who play soothing sounds and rejuvenate your brain by listening to them.

6. Challenge your brain! Answer puzzles, word mysteries and video games. Problem solving can rouse your creativity and give you the best ideas whenever posed with last minute projects and deadlines. Through playing puzzles and crossword games, your brain stretches its function to its full capacity.

7. Converse with people. Find time speaking with your friends about ideas. Do not engage in talking about other people. Discuss experiences, events and about the things you’ve learned from the books and articles you’ve read.

8. Work out. Exercise. If you don’t have money to spend on gym, jog around your area for about 30 minutes to one hour per day. Make it a habit to exercise, so you’ll be in the right shape and for your brain to be alert at all times.

9. Eat healthy. Invest on fruits and vegetables. Don’t eat junk foods. Always go for healthy. Remember that your brain is like a pencil; it needs to be sharpened once in a while for it to have a better purpose. Value your brain and body. Eat right, be bright.

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