Thoughts on Developing Yourself


Personal development is concept used for many different ways to improve yourself in society, career wise and socially. Many sites offer you different plans on how to personally develop yourself. They all claim to be the best technique to personally develop yourself. But the problem with personal development and social media is the development still remains personal. Yes a lot of systems may work on people but they will not work on every person. Everything depends on you. How do you solve your own bad character traits and make yourself a better person? That’s a really tricky question and relates to each person individually. It has everything to do with your past and the traits that were given to you in life. And in general the older you get the more difficult it becomes to develop yourself personally. A research done in the Netherlands done over twenty years span concluded that in 80% percent of your personality is has already been developed before you reach puberty. So that actually you can only change 20% of your personality, but still it you can always work on your personality.

Personally I believe that even though science tends to outline your boundaries, you should forget the facts and develop as much as you can in life. But how? This is something you can only figure out. The most important thing for you to personally develop yourself is the people who are around you. Friends, family, colleagues and partners. These are your most vital tools. You should asses for yourself what do you really want/need to change/enhance and which person/persons would be most suitable to help you out. Then put out a strategy of how you can achieve what you want to achieve, try to discuss that with them personally and work out a deal which for both people may work. It’s always better if you involve more people in this process. Yes some of them may be freaked out by the thought that they will have to help you with your personal development because they will also have to walk away from their “safe zone”, but a no you already have and a yes is something you can achieve. There are a lot of useful tools which can help you develop yourself. I believe for instance, that taking acting classes is a very useful tool to better understand your character and is very useful for people who are generally shy.

As I said personal development is purely based on you and I cannot help you with it directly, but I can advise you. Everybody has the right to develop themselves and everybody has the right to ask its society for their help. And please don’t take personal development to serious, it’s something you are doing for the rest of your life.

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