Can Cleaning Make You Happier and More Successful?

Remember when your grandparents fixed everything at home, reused and upcycled, simply because goods were not that readily available to them? Our forebears had to make everything themselves and keep it, because it was crucial for their survival. We might be genetically programmed to do the same. Read more

Turning 30? Here Are the 5 Things You Should Have Learned So Far

If you’re human, then you know that turning thirty can be quite a scary thought. We may have these expectations in our minds of what we believe we should have already accomplished at twenty-nine years old – be it a relationship, a career, a car, a house, a child. Not having at least one of these at twenty-nine years old can send us into a spiral of fear and doubt. Read more

Redirecting Your Life

There is a place that we have to reach when we know within us that it is time to stop a bad habit. It may be smoking, eating, drugs, or gambling. We get down to that area in our lives where it comes screaming home to us. To recover we have to choose it for ourselves, not have other people telling us that it needs to be done. Read more

Open Your Heart and Embrace the World!

Most people choose to close themselves off when they experience traumatic events. They don’t give a chance to the world to soften them. Pretending that pain and hurt do not exist is not helpful, because we can run but we cannot hide from ourselves. Learning to open our hearts to life is a key to well-being and true happiness. Read more

5 Facts on Personal Development

In today’s society many individuals believe in personal development. Personal development is a process in which individuals learn more about their skills, goals and their personal values. These personal developments can be anything that you decide you would like to change about yourself. Every day of your life without knowing it you are unconsciously working and making changes in your life to achieve these goals and bettering yourself. Read more

Thoughts on Developing Yourself

Personal development is concept used for many different ways to improve yourself in society, career wise and socially. Many sites offer you different plans on how to personally develop yourself. They all claim to be the best technique to personally develop yourself. But the problem with personal development and social media is the development still remains personal. Read more

Ways to Find Your Daily Inspiration

A lot of times, we find ourselves stressed out at work, school, or personal lives. It’s not just about the daily tasks and the work load, though. More than anything, it’s about losing or being unable to find our motivation or inspiration. Read more

How to Use Affirmations for Self Improvement

Whether you’re trying to quit smoking, improve your eating habits, or otherwise change a negative habit into a positive one, using affirmations to support your personal self-improvement plans is a great way to change your inner self-talk.  Read more