Ways to Find Your Daily Inspiration


A lot of times, we find ourselves stressed out at work, school, or personal lives. It’s not just about the daily tasks and the work load, though. More than anything, it’s about losing or being unable to find our motivation or inspiration. Running out of our daily dosage of inspiration is one thing that affects how our week or day will go. If you’re losing motivation and in need of your inspirational fix, here are some ways I can recommend:


Disconnect online The internet is a ‘double-edged’ sword, as it can be a tool for productivity and something to distract you at the same time. If you’re looking for inspiration and find yourself unable to continue (or even start) a task, try to disconnect for a while. Browsing online and reading your news feeds, emails, and blog posts are various ways to get distracted. They provide instant gratification, because they feel good, but they don’t actually help you accomplish a thing.

Be inspired by other people It can be a person you look up to, or probably someone whom you’ve heard great things about. It can also be a quote from notable a motivational speaker. Sometimes, I get inspired by reading life stories and personal success and failures of some celebrity speakers. These are people who, at one point, also encountered hardships and obstacles, but made it to their goals successful despite all that. You can also check out different speeches uploaded in TEDTalks.

Reconnect with nature. If you’re feeling stressed, reconnecting with nature might be effective in clearing your mind. Talk a walk outside and try to lose track of time for a while. If that’s not possible, go offline and meditate in a quiet room. If you have pets at home, playing with them for a while might also relieve your stress.

Spend time with family Life shouldn’t be all about work, school, or personal responsibilities. If you fill your schedule to the brim with such tasks, no wonder you feel burnt out. Try to spend time with family whenever you can. Have meaningful conversations or just play with the kids outside.

Inspiration from within Have you tried assessing your life and where you’re headed? A lot of people lose motivation because they have lost interest in the goals they initially set for themselves. Identify your initial goals and evaluate how far you are in reaching those life goals. Were you able to make changes in your life lately? If you still feel uninspired, it might be time to refurnish the goals you set for your life. Plan new ones that reflect your current life and interests, so that every goal will serve as motivation for you.

I admit I am not an expert in personal development and motivation. Just like everyone else, I run out of motivation juices from time to time. That’s why I also need to search for my daily inspiration every now and then. I hope you also find yours. Feel free to share your tips below, will be glad to hear from you!


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