No More Refined Sugar and Coca Cola!


Hi, I have a story to share with you. For several years, I consumed coca cola and sugary products everyday. Let me underscore that I consumed these products every single day! Literally, I was ingesting tons of refined sugar into my body, which damaged me. I could not control myself. Every time, I saw a cold bottle of coke, I simply craved it. Deep down inside, I knew I should not consume it, but I could not help it. Similarly, whenever I saw a chocolate covered candy, I craved it. I desired it, and I wanted it more than anything else. The song, I want Candy, would play in my head every time I saw a cold coke or a glistening candy bar. In an abstract way, they were calling my name and begging me to purchase them. As I continued to develop my addiction to refined sugar, I simply ignored my health. My weight substantially increased and I did not care! I only wanted sweets. Eventually, I developed severe dental problems. One of my teeth even cracked! Needless to say, it was very unflattering. So, to recap, I was fat, unhealthy, and upset. Immediately, I made a vow that I would never consume any candy or coke. However, I was scared because I was worried that I would break my diet. Could I really do it? Break my addiction to refined sugars? No more candy and no more coke! But, I was determined to make an effect. I stopped purchasing these products. It was a difficult road, but I broke my addiction to refined sugar.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Every time, I saw either a coke or a piece of candy at a store, I simply told myself NOT Today! It took a ton of will power to not purchase them and ignore the temptations.
  2. As I experienced some withdrawal headaches, I sought out healthier alternatives. I researched online and consulted with my friends about better solutions. I turned to Green Tea and Coffee without sugar.
  3. Journal Writing As time progressed, I thought that it would be a good idea to purchase a journal and write about my addiction and diet.

I wrote about my feelings and pondered about them. This therapeutic technique helped me to address why I craved candy and coke.

Eventually, after three months, I broke my addiction to refined sugar. It took a lot of time and perseverance, but I did it! In three months, I lost over 32 pounds and I felt great! I radically altered my diet and walked around New York City. These two techniques helped me to improve my health! If I can do it, then you should try to break your addiction as well. So, if you are ready, then let’s break your addiction! Let’s work together to shredding these pounds and becoming a thinner version of you.

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