Open Your Heart and Embrace the World!


Most people choose to close themselves off when they experience traumatic events. They don’t give a chance to the world to soften them. Pretending that pain and hurt do not exist is not helpful, because we can run but we cannot hide from ourselves. Learning to open our hearts to life is a key to well-being and true happiness.

Everybody has fears and worries, but before we let these things get the best of us, we should stop for a moment and evaluate if our reactions are realistic or necessary. Here are few ways you can open your heart.

Take a breath

Whenever you deal with a painful situation, try to face it instead running away from it. Take a deep breath and accept the pain and sadness. If you block it, you will be stuck with it. But, if you open yourself to it, you will let new and perhaps greater experiences come to you.

Follow your instinct

Taking a new step and making right decisions in life can be a real trouble. Instead of over-analyzing and over-thinking, try a simple method: ask your heart what it wants. Just close your eyes, take a deep breath and ask yourself what feels right. Follow your gut and you will find the answer you’ve been looking for.

Listen to your inner self

Those who want to become better people usually tend to adopt positive characteristics such as love, happiness and grace. However, when following this personal development path, we somehow repress our negative features. You should be honest and see what characteristics you can do without. Never try to hide things from yourself no matter how unattractive they are. Instead of hiding them, recognize them because it can only get easier after that.

Be alone with yourself

How much time do you spend alone? We all have busy lives and we spend our valuable time with our family, friends, colleagues, etc. Why spending time alone is so important? When you move from the influences of other people, you stay with your thoughts. You can open your heart and be real you. It may look scary in the beginning, but experiencing solitude will add more depth and comprehension into your soul.

Share your feelings

This tip goes hand-in-hand with the previous one. After you spent some time alone and discovered new ways of understanding, hang out with other people and try to understand them the same way you did yourself. Use your energy to learn more about yourself by accepting others as an extension of yourself. Other people can teach you a lot about you, so pay close attention. Enjoy the individuality of others and you will discover the secrets of inner beauty.



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