Unexpected Changes…


I had an idea in my head when I was in my 20’s of what my life would look like by the time I was 40. It was really neat and tidy and full of accomplishment with little worry. It’s funny how what we sometimes think will be our reality doesn’t exactly pan out the way we plan. My husband told me once that he read somewhere that “If you want to make God laugh, make plans.” As I look back on our lives over the past 20 years I see just how true a statement that is! You see we had our first two daughters early in our marriage (within the first five years) and never “planned” that we would have another child when our then youngest was 15 years old! I was 40 and the idea of starting over terrified me! I mean my kids were so independent and I had so much “freedom”. Don’t get me wrong, my kids are always my top priority but anyone with teenagers knows what I mean.

I had so many thoughts and fears going through my mind. I wondered if I could do it again. Would I have the patience, would I be able to juggle all of the responsibility that comes with being a wife, mom and career woman? Thankfully I had a friend that experienced the same thing in her life but I believe the gap in age was only 11 years to our 15 years but the feelings were still the same. She reassured me that I would be fine and that it would all work out and I would “remember” how to be a mom to a newborn again. She PROMISED! I held onto that promise. All of my fears and questions were calmed and answered the day she was born.

Fast forward almost 3 years and our oldest just turned 21 and has started her 3rd year of college, our middle daughter is 17 and in her Sr. year of high school and our little surprise blessing will be 3 in November. After 2 years I decided to leave my job after 24 years of service to work from home and be a full time mom. It’s been a transition no doubt, but I know I speak for the rest of my family when I say that I couldn’t imagine our lives without her! I mean, our lives have changed in so many ways since she arrived, and I’m sure that there are many more changes to come, but I’m so thankful that I was open to it and considered it a blessing when I learned of her existence and not a disadvantage.

Not sure where your journey has you in this life but I hope that my journey will encourage you to be open to unexpected changes. Sometimes, they are the best kind to experience.

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