When Love Goes Out the Window


Love is an extra-ordinary feeling that can make or mar your life. It is the most powerful emotion that humans can feel. Yet, it is also something that makes our heart weep.

A few years into a relationship, you know that the charisma ceases to exist and the same balcony that witnessed many of your passionate moments is now a silent spectator of your wordless chats. You both stand in the balcony thinking of your individual lives, the ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘ours’ is nowhere to be found.

What happens when those window panes from where you marveled at the beauty of the moon, the purity of the raindrops stands in anticipation for a small opportunity to transform you both into a new dreamland? What happens when love goes out of the window?

Is it the end of the road? Should that door you welcomed your lover into your heart should not be locked forever?

Couples around the world go through these issues and yet there has been no attempt to find that perfect cure to permanently end this discomfort. Actually, there can never be a solution because it is not a problem at all.

We see this tendency in us right from the start. Our parents love us to the core and we know that. Yet, when we are upset they are the people whom we shout at. As humans, we tend to take people who care for us for granted.

As we enter a romantic relationship, we take every sign of this granted-ness very seriously.

If we go on to see the old couples around us, if never hear many divorces and break-ups as many as we witness today.  People made sure they worked towards reviving that love they felt for their lovers, rather than searching for love all over again.

Love never ceases to exist. As much as you love your mother, and as much as you respect your step-mother, they can never replace each other in your life and heart. You may find many father figures in your life, but they will never be good enough to make you forget your father. Every relationship has a special place in your heart; it can’t be different with your romantic liaisons.

No human being is perfect. The earlier we realze this the better we will understand our spouses and lovers. They may not share your penchant for showcasing love every single day, but they love you deeply in their hearts. Love is never lost, it can never be replaced and it never deteriorates.

Find love in your relationships. You may think it has gone out of the window, maybe all you need to do is just look behind the curtains.

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