Balancing Your Chakras


What do you think when you hear the term ‘chakra’? Chakras refers to your seven primary energy centers that vertically run along the torso of your body. Basically, chakras are portals where energy and light flow in and out. Overall, their main function is to revitalize your physical body and to enable your ‘higher’ self to evolve. They’re specifically connected to your physical, mental, and emotional interactions. Also, they’re strongly linked to your endocrine system and hormones.

Just like color, certain stones and sounds have a special resonance with your chakras as well as various plants. Unique essential oils are the fragrance that come from the essence of plants and can be utilized to help balance your chakras. Choose the fragrances that appeal to you the most. Sometimes it’s better to mix pure essential oils with a good carrier oil, like almond oil.

Your Chakras and You

What are Chakras? Chakras are vibrational, energetic spinning wheels that correspond to special nerve centers within your body. Each of your seven chakras is directly connected to all your major organs, along with your psychological, emotional, and spiritual state of being. It’s crucial that your chakras remain aligned, fluid, and open since your life force is in constant motion. For instance, if one of your seven chakras is blocked, energy won’t flow to that particular area of the body, similar to a stopped-up bathtub. If too much hair and gunk works its way into the drain of the tub, it will back up and eventually stagnate with water to create an environment for bacteria and mold to proliferate. Just like your tub’s drain, all seven of your chakras must freely flow and be clear for them to properly function. What happens if the chakras are blocked for too long? Emotional and physical disease can occur over time. Like good physical and emotional health, chakra wellness should be maintained as well for optimal quality of life.

Pure Essential Oils and Your Chakras

Pure essential oils have a very high vibrational frequency that allows them to implement a balancing-effect and opening throughout your whole body, mind, and spirit. Regularly applying essential oils to your seven chakras is by far one of the easiest and fastest ways to align and balance out your energetic system. For instance, lime essential oil has a number of amazing health benefits. It naturally supports weight loss when combined with a good exercise or weight management program and also serves as a natural immune booster. Lime essential oil has also been known to reduce stress and help with mental clarity.

While natural essential oils have a variety of properties that can help in strengthening specific emotion and body systems, all pure essential oils are very useful as well as versatile. The main thing to consider when selecting an essential oil is good quality. High quality equals high benefits.

How Essential Oils Balance Chakras

The most direct and easiest way to use essential oils is to simply rub a few drops directly onto the skin just above the chakra you want to treat. Also, you can choose to rub the essential oil into the palms of your hands and then subsequently wave both your hands through your aura instead of directly placing the oil on your skin. This will serve to dissolve any negative energy that may have accumulated in your aura. First, swirl your hands in a clockwise direction in order to disperse any bad energy, and then move your hands clockwise in the other direction to rebalance the energy in your aura.

You can also use an oil diffuser to treat your environment. Place just a bit of water along with a couple of drops of the oil into a shallow bowl and then light the candle below. As the candle makes the bowl warmer, the oil will start to burn off and then disperse into the surrounding air.

Like any other aspect of your being, your chakras are literal vibrations, or energetic patterns. These key patterns can eventually become blocked, distorted, or skewed. Restoring order and harmony to the chakra’s energy will return its life force to a state of pure health for good chakra wellness. When it comes to chakras and their energy, anything that has an orderly, harmonious vibe or energy pattern can help you to entrain your flowing energy back into alignment, much like the way a tuning fork works.


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