Beat the Addiction for Today and Tomorrow

By the time we realize that smoking is a bad habit and we must give it up, we are already addicted. The reason I say we is because even though I am not addicted to smoking, I know what addiction is. Read more

How Do I Quit Smoking?

It is pretty difficult to quit a long-time habit without experiencing a relapse. There may be some who are able to drop a bad habit like a hot potato, but they certainly aren’t the majority. Smoking is one of those challenges many people struggle with. Smoking is a very dangerous habit to keep, but many become slaves to the habit. A smoking habit holds the ability to drain finances and compromise health. Even if a person struggles to break it, it still is worth the fight. There are plenty of ways to kick a smoking habit to the curb forever. Consider these tactics. Read more

Declutter and Reclaim Your Life

“Stuff does not bring happiness,” wrote an English businessman in his pledge letter to donate his fortune to charity. In extreme cases certain people have even given everything away to enjoy a simple life. Several studies have shown that material possessions do not bring true happiness. Read more

My Post-Addiction Left Turn

It all started with shots of liquor… many many shots of liquor. It was like one of the drunken scenes from the Sandra Bullock movie, 28 Days. It ended just as bad as her character’s last escapade too. Read more

3 Ways to Support Your Loved One Dealing with Substance Abuse

Regardless of race, class, and or generation, addiction is part of the modern human condition. According to statistics published in Canada in September 2013, about six million of that country’s populace meet the criteria for a substance use disorder. Knowing someone or having a loved one who is affected by substance use can not only be hard on the substance user, but family and friends as well.  Read more

Mindfulness can be a Useful Tool in Addiction Recovery

Most people who are recovering from an addiction tend to accumulate a “grab-bag” of tools and tricks they use to help them stay sober from day to day. What works for some people doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, so for any given person, their grab-bag typically has a different assortment of tools, depending on what they find most useful. Read more

Break Your Nicotine Addiction and Control Cravings

Addiction is a complex disease, and one that can apply to a wide spectrum of ills. From a simple addiction to nicotine that you just can’t give up to a complicated and multi-layered drug addiction deep-rooted and impossible to break. Read more

How To Get Back Up When You Stumble

We have all been there… you were doing so well, but then you fell off the bandwagon. Whether it was lighting up a cigarette after not having one for several weeks, or picking up a drink that you swore off months ago, it can be a hard blow when one stumbles on the road to quitting an addiction. Read more

5 Resources for Facing and Overcoming Addiction

If a person is dealing with addiction, it is important for them to know that genuine help is available from a variety of sources. An addiction can be difficult to manage and even embarrassing for a person to admit having. But an addiction does not have to rule a person’s life. Read more

Struggling With Addiction

My partner and I both struggle with addiction; his is alcohol. Mine is cigarettes. Neither is particularly easy to overcome, and while we both want to, we continually find ourselves in different phases of “quitting”. Which leads to us actually helping each other justify our slips and bad decisions instead of helping each other stay strong and overcome. Read more