The Heart Healthy Diet

It’s not much of a problem to find lists or discussions about the 10 best foods for your heart, the 15 best, the 25 best, and so on. The message is simply this: there are so many different foods that are good for your heart that you should have no trouble putting together a healthy diet plan that features meals that are both delicious and satisfying. Read more

Staying in Shape and Feeling Gorgeous

Whether it is about increasing your life span or just looking good in your old pair of jeans, health and fitness are crucial at all times. One could easily understand that they are in good shape when they could perform a task with reasonable efficiency. Like many others have stated before me, physical fitness comes from healthy nutrition and regular physical exercises. Read more

Using spices while eating clean can also provide added health benefits.

Eating clean doesn’t have to mean eating boring, but healthy foods often get a bad rap for have-ing “bad” or “bland” taste. Learning to incorporate spices into your clean eating diet can not only enhance the taste of your dishes but can also give you some extra added health benefits. We have a list of 6 spices to start incorporating into your diet to give your palette some enjoyment and your body some benefit. Read more

Give Your Metabolism a Boost

Think of your body as a car and your metabolism is the engine that keeps it going. The faster your metabolism, the more calories you burn and lose weight. Read more

How to Get Rid of a Sore Throat Fast

Of all the sore throat remedies I’ve tried, and with two kids the list is quite long, nothing comes close to the power of common sage herb. Although mainly used in cooking (turkey stuffing, pasta sauces etc.) this originally Mediterranean plant is getting more and more appreciated in the world for its incredible healing properties. Read more

5 Healthy Habits That Will Actually Change Your Life

While having goals in life is essential and part of why we live and what we do, it can also be fear-provoking at times. When you have healthy habits to anchor you, you can focus on your goals and live life fuller and successfully. Habits are what make a man. Read more

Repair Your Body to Remove the Appearance of Cellulite

Many women have cellulite on their bodies, and not one of those women love that cellulite. It can cause them to be self conscious during bikini season. They’ll buy pants that don’t hug as closely in their bottoms and the backs of their thighs. This is where cellulite most often appears. There are ways to reduce the appearance of cellulite, though it might not disappear completely. Read more

9 Great Foods to Freeze for Later

One of the seemingly daunting tasks folks who want to eat healthier tend to face is freezing. For the modern family today, freeze-able foods make life easier.  However, it is possible to still eat healthy even when you have little time to put into cooking. That said, here are 13 healthy foods you can pop in your freezer and later thaw for an easy, quick addition to your meals: Read more

Learning Proper Snacking Techniques

Food is where nutrition begins. The food you eat follows a procedure that has been prescribed in the human body to provide nourishment. Food is broken down in the tissues of the body and energy. Many of the food and nutrition articles that you read today reveals that the actual science of nutrition is concerned with everything the body does when it comes to carrying out all of the functions in an efficient manner. Read more

5 Foods to Make You Feel Better

If you have been in a depressed or gloomy mood, or if you have been feeling irritable, then maybe foods are ruining your mood. According to nutrition experts, you can actually make yourself feel better if you eat the right foods. If you still do not believe that your mood depends on the food you eat, then try eating the following: Read more