Want to Pay Your Bills? A Pack A Day Habit is Expensive.

A Pack A Day Habit is Expensive

Another reason to quit smoking is to pay yours and your family’s bills. What good is a pack a day habit when you are behind on your rent? You’re in danger of your electric or your phone being shut off? You can’t afford food to put on the table for your family? You’re not just killing yourself. You’re also killing those around you in more ways than one. This is one of them.

Not being able to pay your bills causes depression and stress for your family as well as you in this case. For smokers, this might mean that they are smoking more to try to get rid of that depression and stress rather than dealing with it. Smoking a pack a day in the US, means that you spent $210. a month on that. That comes out to around $2520. a year. You could have paid rent two months’ rent with that in most places. In twenty years, you could buy a house outright with the money saved.

Quitting is very hard for smokers. Smoking the electronic cigarettes until you are able to stop, works. You save better than half the money that you spent before. On the down side, current health claims are starting to be found by scientists, about the metals and the battery acids in the electronic cigarettes providing toxins to your body and the air. That is another blog. It’s still the safer and the lesser expensive way to quit. This still leaves more money to pay the bills and put food on the table. This is another way that everyone will be breathing more freely too.

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