15 Unexpected Suggestions for People Who Are Too Bored with Life


Because of the fast track life we have, 3 minute instant noodles, one hit wonders, microblogging of non-sensible things and anything short on the side, people easily get bored and find something more exciting. I usually meet people who want to enjoy their Friday nights drinking, get wasted and sulk on emotions.

I’ve come to realize, why not give them other ways to enjoy life without going home feeling unfulfilled?

1. Try out a new restaurant. Research on a unique restaurant around your area and experience great food and ambiance. Drink tea, nibble sweets or try out a full course meal and go home with a fulfilled stomach.

2. Meditate outside. Go to a peaceful place and take time reflecting on things about your life in general. Be philosophical and organize your thoughts without becoming too emotional. Logically see how things are going with your life.

3. Visit a museum or themed park. It’s fulfilling to go out and see art and photos. The fact that you can see artists from different timelines gives you an idea that people try out things to realize their talents. From here, you might see what you want to do; you might want to become a photographer or a painter. Themed parks on the other hand, energize the inner child in you. Ride a roller coaster, have a cheat day from your diet.

4. Go out and take a long walk without your gadgets. Wake up early, leave your cellphones at home and go outside. See the beauty of your environment. Observe people, feel the positive energy from them who enjoy life from the little things.

5. Make a food blog. Try out different kinds of cuisine and document the ones you’ve tried and see what kind of food you want eating.

6. Invest on travel and go somewhere far away. Traveling will always be a great way to spend time doing something fulfilling. You meet different kinds of people, culture, language and you find meaning in every new place you go to.

7. Go out with intellectual people. Converse and see from there how you are as a communicator as well. Are you persuasive? Do you want to argue all the time? How do you mediate arguments? Are you an introvert? Are you a listener?

8. Watch a movie. Watch a genre you’re not used to seeing and make a movie blog about it. Find the inner director in you.

9. Spend a day with a long-time friend. Do not ever cut off your connections with your old friends. Life goes on rapidly, but you should learn how to stop and find time in seeing the people closest to your heart. They know who you are and you’ve definitely shared a number of stories with each other, so it would be great to check how they are now from before.

10. Listen to independent music. Have you heard new music lately? Research posters online of music productions who support the independent scene. You’ll experience from here how beautiful it is to listen to different genres, from blues to rock.

11. Go out on a picnic at a local park. Prepare different kinds of food and invite your friends to a picnic.

12. Read a book. Read and enhance your vocabulary. People get easily bored reading, but it’s a way of shaping their comprehension. If you do not read, you won’t be able to write and share meaningful stories. You’ll always get grammatical errors and won’t be able to use adjectives rightfully.

13. Spend time with your family. Don’t sulk too much on getting bored, try conversing with your mom, dad or siblings, and see how much you’ve not spoken with them for a long time. Discuss with them your views about life and see how they think as well.

14. Cook. Research on a different kind of food you want to try and see how you’ll be able to prepare it and share with your family.

15. Write and make a journal. Never stop writing. I’ve come to realize this when I was on my 20s. I love reading, conversing with my friends and family, that I’ve forgotten how to document and write on my diary. It’s satisfying to write because you’ll see how you’ve changed over the years and reflect on your progress with life.

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