A Positive Change Removes Ages From Your Appearance


One fine morning you wake a little earlier and thus have some minutes to catch up with yourself. You look into the mirror and your reflection looks back at you with a smile. You notice some shades of grey and fine lines of wrinkles when you smile back. Your smile vanishes and all you are left is some more line of frown on your forehead. This realization dawns on everybody once in a lifetime and it definitely tends to depress you for a while. Does this sound familiar? Don’t fret, get set and you can change the entire scenario. No I am not talking about some magic but a real life trick that you can do by changing your perspective. The following steps can help you make that magic happen in your life too.

A Smile does not cost you anything: You will always look beautiful and feel it too when you smile. One smile makes at least two people happy at one time and spreads an atmosphere of positivity. Stop looking away from people and just look on to their faces. Give a radiant smile and you will get one back in return most of times. Try that today.

Early to bed and early to rise makes you healthy and wise: This one is certainly an old saying but none can deny it. Morning time has a lot of positive energy and you need to wake up and feel it to discover it. Most of us wake up early and get busy with the daily chores and hardly realize that until it’s gone. Just take a few minutes and look out and feel the rays of the sun and enjoy the melody of chirping birds. When you sleep in time you wake fresh and automatically recharged.

Enjoy what you eat: Just try to relish whatever you have on your plate. Most of the time quality of food is more important than quantity of food you stack in your plate. Concentrate on your plate and avoid any type of distraction while eating.

Stress does not help: Stress has an adverse impact not only on your health but also on your appearance. Learn to handle it by adding yoga, meditation, walking or any type of activity that interests you. Sometimes spending more time with loved ones proves to be a great way to banish stress. Live one day at a time: Do everything possible to make your day special. Just indulge in things you have been postponing for a long time. Remember that unfinished book, or a painting you left undone, you may even try a favorite recipe you wanted to for among time. These small things may give you immense pleasure and utmost satisfaction to have lived a day to its full. These small pleasures make your soul happy and bring that glow on your face which you tend to lose in the day to day tensions of life. It also tends to give you inner strength to lead your life in a positive way.

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