All Because of Them


The day before I turned 26, I posted this Facebook status, “After tomorrow, I will be 4 years from 30 with hardly anything to show for it.” Later that day, I received a few words of encouragement from family members and six likes from friends. That is when I realized how influential my Facebook page had become. Each day, I make the attempt to post something inspirational, whether it is a scripture, a picture, video, or something I am thinking. I noticed, my post receive comments and likes, regardless of what I put. I was told I rarely appear to have a down day and have been called “superwoman” by a few friends, including my husband. Now I must admit, that I do carry myself like superwoman. I juggle many task throughout the day, which I do complete. I am able to clean my three bedroom and two full baths home, in one hour. I am a wife, mother, friend, online student, degreed teacher and soldier.

However, at 26 years old, what exactly does all of this mean? Does accomplishing all of these things, make me someone’s role model? Will I suddenly thrust into a place of power and success? Maybe, I will stumble upon a topic for a book and have it published. Like I said, what exactly do all of those titles mean? As I sit on the back porch of my parent’s home and watch the sunset beyond the trees, I began to think about my past. I look at the grass and remember events like hurricane Katrina, which, changed the southern region of the United States forever. I look at the sky and recall the three flights I took, which turned me from a civilian into a soldier. I hear the birds chirp and cricket wings flap, causing me to remember all of the nights I slept alone. Then I began to think of the career goals I set as child and the nights where I prayed for the type of husband I wanted. I think about college, graduating with my doctorate degree someday and opening my own childcare center. Lastly, I remember the $40,000 my parents invested in my private school education.

That last line is what makes all of those titles so important to me. That last line is why I have a gift for positively influencing other’s lives. That last line is why I strive so hard and make sure I accomplish everything I set out to do. That last line means so much to me, that only God and I can understand why. That last line, will be the reason I become successful and urge my children to reach the next level. Besides the number of experiences I have had, that $40,000 investment into my education, is the reason I am sometimes called, “superwoman.” It is the reason why I am a senior in college, with a 3.75 GPA. That investment, is the reason why I have become a wife, mother, student, friend, teacher and soldier. Each of these titles, are the umbrellas for all of the things that make up who I am. I am able to accomplish all of this, because two wonderful people invested 18 plus years, of their lives to me. Whether or not someone is able to invest their lives, time and money into you; you have to find a way to invest those things into yourself. Now I know it is never too late and in 4 years I will have accomplished so much more.


Photo credit: Kurt Groetsch, December 24, 2006

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