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Last Friday, I did some research and talked a little about nicotine gum and the potential advantages. One of my fellow bloggers, RachelInIdaho, pointed out that you need more than one factor to help you quit smoking, that this gum by itself won't help you.

So, I wanted to make sure that I hadn't mislead anybody by my previous post. You can not depend solely on a product like Nicorette.

I know that everybody is mentally and physically different, so perhaps there are those few souls who can accomplish this. Maybe, you think you can be one of those people and you want to give it a shot; that's your choice, but I think it would be wiser to factor in other things that might help you.

This post is titled "Buddy System" because I think that has the potential to be a very important factor in someone's path to quitting cigarettes.

Either find someone you know who also wants to quit, or find a friend or family number who help keep you accountable. It can be so hard to do things on your own. You need people to talk with and share both your struggles and joyful moments.

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