Happiness is Achieved, Not Found


Happiness, bliss, joy, and contentment are all emotions that you can secure for yourself. You shouldn’t be waiting for happiness to fall into your lap because it is not something that you come upon by chance. It is attained by a positive, optimistic outlook towards life and a determination to make the most of every small chance at happiness. Surround yourself with people who, if not highly successful over achievers, are optimistic and content with life. Their positive vibes and energy will help you maintain a constructive frame of mind. This in turn would be means of better performance in all spheres of life but will also set you up for a peaceful, blissful life.

Don’t despair and lose yourself in thoughts of what might have been or what you could have achieved. Strive to look at the positives and instead of crying over spilt milk, focus on finding a solution to whatever dilemma you are in. Remember there is a silver lining, even in the thorniest scenarios. So, search for that tiny sliver of hope and do your best efforts to reach it.   Look at the bright side at all times, see how full the glass is rather than focus on the empty part of the glass. You should assign a priority rating to each aspect of your life, such as family, money, job, friends, children, partying, responsibilities and yourself.

Take out time for yourself and discover what truly makes you happy, then organize your time and life accordingly. Ascertain what things are more valuable to you and make sure you don’t neglect them. Remember a disciplined life, a life devoid of regrets and sorrow over lost opportunities, a life that is spent gathering all the tiny moments of brightness and happiness, is truly a happy and contented life.


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