Poetry and Insight : The Learning of Love Manual


This is a poem I wrote when I started to see the way society has taken in the concept of love, and I put my feelings and experiences onto paper to share, and maybe help people look at the never ending hunt for true love as a process of finding ones self!  I call this poem “The Learning Curve”:

If someone wrote a book about learning to prevent ourselves from burning– the lives we’ve connected to, the caring for others, the walking a mile in someone’s shoes– the turning.

We’ve lost our sense of compassion,we walk by our wife, our girlfriend, our lovers– with little passion.

We’ve stayed up all night wondering “Does this person likes me?” or “Will I ever fall in love?” or “Why did we fight?

Wouldn’t it all be easier if the answer were written– and sent from above?

We’re all here on this planet feeling the same feelings, walking the same struggles– do we ever stop to breathe– grab someone we love, and just snuggle?

We all worry about our image and if he/she thinks “Wow! He’s hot,” or “Damn! She’s fine,”— we’ve become immune to noticing that finer line.

Brainwashed into a false reality– the abstraction leaving you with nothing but insanity!

Creating an image of yourself through a reflection of another.  Impersonating and individual and destroying individuality, letting it take hold!– it’s stronger than gravity.

Forgetting your beauty, seeing only ugly, we strive for perfection!– only to ignore the people who see you as perfect.  We lend a simple “thank you” or “you’re sweet”– blush– then forget.

We see this idea of beauty or gorgeous or sexy or hot, and simply forgot to use our own eyes to see what we’ve got!

The transformation is easy, just love with no bounds– a father, a lover, a friend, a sister, a brother, a mother.

These people surround you for your beauty within, they see the perfection that’s inside your skin.

It’s easy to love you when you love yourself first!  So dare to be bold!– grasp these people tight and let it take hold!– dare to break and see how the pieces fit together like a puzzle– because when you love out loud!– share your feelings and be proud!– nothing can stop your voice– no not even a muzzle.

So break! And heal! And dare to feel!  How else can we learn without taking each layer off peel by peel!

You find yourself through every emotion– just remember I love you, then let your love set in motion!


At any given point in any day we can make these connections with people through feelings, and past experiences have built walls around our hearts.  It’s not impossible to break these walls down, but some are so fortified it may take an entire new mindset on love to even approach falling in love.  For me the hardest part use to be the pain, but through pain do we not realize joy– or happiness?  Everyone tries to be this image of the perfect couple they see, but perfection is based on the couple and its conditions within that relationship.  We can’t all just mimic a love movie, or become beautiful without seeing beauty in ourselves before the changes we make for happiness.  So I challenge the change of mind, and the ability to understand love in your own definition– and seek that definition you create with your heart!


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