Calm Before the Storm: Launching a New Life


As I sit on the threshold of my inherent new beginning, I am poised for the magnitude of the opposition that I am facing and have faced time and time again. However, what is so clearly different this time around, is my personal projection of my own sense of failures down through the years. These failures are directly attributed to my lack of confidence in part, and unfortunately, an idle admission of my own low self- esteem as well.

I often saw myself as a strong individual. One who did not mix word,s and told others how it was and how it would be, but in my personal life, I was an absolute wreck. Alone and lonely, not really ever experiencing that loving relationship that I so desperately yearned for. Being constantly taken advantage of, and allowing this to occur because I wanted/needed that sense of companionship at whatever price, the cost was far too much I now finally realized as it slowly eroded my self-worth and self- esteem. I became a shell of the person that I once was. I lost control and my health paid the ultimate price, resulting in my becoming morbidly obese, and denying this very real development.

But now, I am taking full responsibility for my actions, and I am looking at myself with an entirely new self-worth. I am relentlessly positive about the many of new decisions that I am currently making in my life. Stepping out of my comfort zone, I am now very proud of these accomplishments at this point in time, and am looking forward to the many of others down the line as well. But mostly, I am proud of what the future will bring– endless possibilities. In order to take full advantage of the many of new benefits that I will be experiencing, my health and fitness issues must be addressed. I now embrace my decisions to make daily improvements in my life by making improved selections on a variety of topics of the many concerns affecting my wellness, my happiness, and my well-being. I’m excited about brand new future satisfactions and accomplishments in the many years to come.

This is just the beginning. Watch here for my transformation.

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