How Should I Quit Smoking?


Do you smoke? If you don’t, you are a lucky one, believe me, but if your answer is yes than you are like me. A smoker!

I do not have any health problems but still I do want to quit smoking because I know for sure my health is damaged and my body hurts because of my bad habit. So the question – to smoke or not- comes very often lately.

To be honest with you, I have tried twice to stop smoking. I have told myself I won’t smoke again, I will quit soon, I will, I will, I will… Unfortunately nothing happened until now.

Why? Because I have chosen now to be assisted by a specialized service, medical assistance and psychological help.

What I have learned so far?

Do not quit smoking until you self analyzed yourself. The most important thing is to analyze your smoking life, why are you smoking, who are the persons and where are the places where you feel the urge to smoke.

You need to find a substitute for any type of cigarrette. It definitely needs to be something which pleases you the most. My psychologist advised me to pin the plan in the place I usually smoke, my kitchen, so I pin the plan on the fridge to be close enough for my eyes.

The days as non smoker need to be chosen very carefully. I guess this first step is very, very important. It needs to be a relaxing time, maybe your vacation, or free from work days. You do not want to be agitated or stressed about work problems, so you will be more overwhelmed with your problem.

If you think it is too hard for you then ask for assistance. Why?

Because you will be helped to find the ‘MOTIVATION’ . The motivation will help you until the habit will be long forgotten. Because the doctor will make an action plan, suggesting some tricks, some tips for correcting some attitudes or ideas.

I have also learn from my tutor that I need to cut them off suddenly, not one by one, because at the end is hard to get rid off something so sweet. The separation is hard, so it’s better cut them off from the first day. The social cigarettes, as I call them, the cigarette from my coffee, the cigarette after my lunch, the angry cigarette or joy cigarettes are the most offensive ever. Cut them off!

How have I started my adventure? I have wondered myself how I could stay away from cigarettes for at least one day? And I could, one day, one week, one month, one year. Since then I decided to keep every day, the same idea, ‘stop smoking’.

And I could! So could you!

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