Living With Your True Self


Humans are a naturally social species. We need contact with others, to be accepted, to be liked. All of which brings happiness and peace in our lives. Sometimes, in the pursuit of that happiness, we tend to lose ourselves and end up changing just so that we can be accepted and loved. We compromise who we are to make others more comfortable around ourselves. We shrink back so others can shine. We hide our true selves.

When we lose ourselves we become uncomfortable in our own skin, become lonely in a crowded room and cry behind smiles. In other words we begin to live an unhappy and incomplete life. That is an absolutely unnecessary way to live. It is true that it’s easier to become what others want you to be to become popular, but that is not an easy living. It is not a living at all. Never compromise who you are for people who don’t appreciate the real you.

One person you should never lie to is yourself. This is hard and sometimes painful, but it is very important. Being true to yourself takes a lot of courage and self-introspection. It means reaching into the deepest and darkest parts of your inner self to find the scary or embarrassing you. You want to confront who you are under your own terms, not by someone else’s hand.

The best way through this is by meditation. Meditation does not necessarily need strange music and incense. You simply take time to yourself, and have conversations with yourself. You ask yourself hard questions and give frank honest answers. There’s no point in lying to yourself,right. You’ll be surprised what you will learn about yourself in those quite serene moments

If you can change the scary and/or embarrassing parts of you, then great. If not then learn to live with it and recognize how that is a part of you. Nobody is perfect, which is a great thing, so nobody can be the same. Our differences make it impossible for anyone to place themselves above the other. Our differences are what make this an interesting, eclectic world. So embrace everything that makes you different.

This state of living is not easy for others to accept, but your life is not about them. Embrace everything about your true self and just live. It would be a true waste of potential if you deprive the world of the only you ever made. It will be hard for people to accept but in time those who care will stay and appreciate you more. Life is so much better when you are surrounded by people who appreciate the true you, and you shine better when you are true to yourself.

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