Losing to Ourselves: The Truth About the Path We Call Life


Sometimes, on our path to destiny, our soul loses its foundation; it dwells in the darkness of its own hate and deceit. You lose sight of everything around you, what you want, what you need, who you are, and where you want to be. You’re blinded by the devil himself and you can’t see the light, no matter which way you look. You’re surrounded in darkness. Just pure self-pity and lack of care for the beautiful life you have been given. Your life is in the shadows and you search and search to find your way home but you keep running into dead ends and U-turns. Life is meant to throw curve balls and to make you think. Everything you’ve been dealt is there to make you a stronger person. You may feel like your stuck on a path that nobody wants to be on but you need to find yourself, through all that darkness, hate, fear and, loathing, and you must prove to yourself that you ARE worth something.

Tell me, do you believe in love, have you ever wondered why love does not understand you, why love is not willing to be in your life? Stop for a moment and look at yourself. Do you love yourself unconditionally, do you truly love everything about yourself. Because until you can truly love another you need to learn how to love yourself. You need to love yourself for who you REALLY are. Stop looking in the mirror and seeing ugly, broken, and fake. You need to look in the mirror and see beautiful, strong and intelligent. Stop putting yourself down. Stop digging yourself deeper and deeper into a hole. A wise man once told me “it is so easy to stay mad and to stay hurt because that is the devil holding you down.”. It is your inner devil that is stopping you from the capability of love. Anyone can love unconditionally if they have learned how to love themselves.

Through and through, life is always about the journey that lies ahead of you. It’s the ups and downs, the roller coaster ride that gets you to where you want to be. It is in your control on how you choose to ride it. If you stroll down the streets of life with fear of never making it, you will never make it. Believe in yourself, believe in others, and believe in your life. Don’t live in the darkness, and shed the light to whomever you can, because ONE person can always make a difference. Stay true to yourself and stay true to others. Let your heart and your soul guide you and do not get discouraged along the way. We are all headed to a better place. A place of complete contentment. Maybe that’s what heaven is. A place where you look back and realize you have lived your life well and to the fullest. And maybe that is your achievement for making it to the end of the road.

I want you all to do something, not for me but for yourselves. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Picture that your standing at the gateway of heaven and beneath you is your life, sprawled out before your eyes. Think about your past, think about all the wonderful things that have been given to you but most importantly look at all the setbacks in your life, look back at all the heartache, the pain, and sorrow. Search within yourself and find the ability to take that heartache, pain, and sorrow and turn it into something positive. The past is the past and there is no point in dwelling in your own pool of darkness. They always say to forgive and forget. In my opinion this phrase is giving the wrong impression. It’s telling you to forgive what has happened and to just lock it away somewhere. But by locking it up you are forgetting its importance. Resolve the problem. Don’t postpone it for another day. You will never truly be happy if you hide from it. You need to confront your past and face it one on one. You need to overcome your obstacles. You must fight the battle to slay the beast so that you may bask in the glory of your own fate.

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