Natural Remedies for Quitting

natural remedies for quitting

I’ve already written an article that speaks of the many benefits of using herbal remedies to help you quit smoking, and listed a few. Actually, there are more, and their use is a bit different. Furthermore, the ones I will be listing are natural remedies, not necessarily oils per se, like the last article, so some people may find this type of remedy much easier to work with, and maybe even less expensive as some oils do come with a hefty price – especially the ones meant to be used for oral consumption.

Also, remember that a craving for a cigarette lasts around two to ten minutes only. If you can stay focused on something else during that time and work with these remedies – especially when used as prevention – you can curve your cravings and let go of the habit that you need to stop (these remedies can help with other cravings as well).

So, without further ado, here are the ones I found while browsing the internet.

Cayenne Pepper: this spice works well at desensitizing the respiratory system to tobacco and the chemicals in the cigarette. This, therefore, makes you want it less. Please note cayenne is also good if you have cold.

Lobelia: this is a plant that has been known to help fight the effects of withdrawal and is the active ingredient in several anti-smoking products.

Ginger: this is a root that is used for digestion. People who stop smoking, at times, have stomach and digestion discomforts and issues, and this is used to reduce cramps. It is also good to help alleviate nausea.

St. John’s wort: this is an herb that has been used for a long time to promote a positive way of thinking. This is especially good at the start.

Korean or tiger ginseng: ginseng has long been used to reduce the effects of stress and to help deal with fatigue.

Peppermint: this herb is very relaxing for the digestive system, helps reduce flatulence, and stimulates digestion in general.



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