Nimble Hands

Enjoy Life and Breathe Happy

Finding something to do with your hands takes creativity and added confidence for the new non-smoker. At first it is probably the second hardest thing to adjust to not smoking. With some creativity and keen observation of your own habits, your fingers will find many wonderful things to do other than light up a cigarette.

One activity I realized that I missed was the rythmic ritual of finding my smokes (perhaps by patting my shirt pocket or rummaging through my pack) and digging out a tar, a lighter or matches…packing the tobacco and relaxing with the first drag.

You could just relpace the cigarette box with a box of mints and miss out on seeing your progress on paper.  Consider keeping a small note pad with a pen handy to log your thoughts and progress.  if you're really hard up for handling something like a smoke- you could fill an empty package with small pencils, like the ones used at golf courses. Then when the urge hits you to light up, enjoy the routine of patting your pocket for the pad of papper and pen and jot your victory down in your journal.

Reward yourself with three deep cleansing breathes and maybe that fresh mint to savor.


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