Picking the Right Exercise for 2020


It’s a well known fact that everyone should exercise. This universal truth is even more important in this day and age when most of us lead sedentary lifestyles. A lot of jobs involve sitting or standing for 8 hours, and most of us don’t even walk to our workplace as we drive or use public transport. And let’s be honest, after a hard day at work, not many people will resist the urge to dive into their couch and turn on their favorite TV show or a video game, further neglecting their body. This kind of behavior becomes more and more dangerous as years go by, but it’s never too late to turn the things around!

The end of the year is close, so now is the perfect time to leave your bad habits behind and start the 2016 dedicated to exercising at least few times a week. Here are some ideas that will hopefully inspire you to turn the page and start living healthier:


This is the first thing that comes to mind for most of us when someone mentions exercising. It’s also a cornerstone of many New Year resolutions that are usually made this time of the year. Some of the benefits you can expect from regular training are improved cardiovascular health, fat loss, muscle gain, but also decreased stress and a sense of peace and relaxation after each training session. Set the goals, arm yourself with patience and pick the right program to start with.

Many people get tangled and lost with this first step, not knowing where to start and getting intimidated or discouraged. Don’t be one of them, just keep it simple and avoid things like crossfit or overly complex routines like bodybuilding splits – those can come later. For starters, stick to the basics: compound exercises like bench pressing, squatting and rowing should set you on a right path. Focus on proper form and healthier diet and you should see results sooner than you think.

Yoga & Zumba

Great thing about yoga and zumba is that you don’t need to pay membership or leave your house. You can do everything right in your home! All you need is some free space, great music and an exercise mat. If you’re more into cardio, music and dancing (and don’t mind breaking a sweat), zumba can be a great way to exercise. It’s easy and anyone can do it, plus it’s simple to get into with all the video tutorials on Youtube – you can play your favorite video and dance to it. On the other hand, yoga focuses more on flexibility, so it’s especially useful for people who work in an office and get stiff from sitting on a daily basis. Again, you can pick up basic pointers from anywhere on the Internet and practice it at any time.


One of the great ways to bond with your colleagues, friends or family is to play sports together. Whether it’s basketball, football, or something else, you’re bound to have a good time while also exercising your body and relaxing your mind. Of course, the downside here is that you need a team for this, meaning you’ll have to find your players and make it work for everyone schedule-wise, which can be a bit tricky sometimes. But once the ball starts rolling, it’s all worth it.

In case team sports are out of the question, don’t give up as there are many solo sports you could enjoy while also getting your exercise and improving your health, like swimming or cycling.


It’s easy to get lost in everyday routine. Whether it’s work, obligations or friends and family, our days always seem to be too short. When you finally find some free time for yourself, it takes dedication to do something productive, but beginning is the hardest. Once you give it a go, and stick to it for a while, you’ll find yourself hooked. You’ll notice you feel stronger and less stressed, have more energy, sleep better and actually enjoy exercising. Let 2016 be the year when you’ll breathe easier.

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