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Dieting along with exercising is an essential part of any weight loss program. But engaging in impromptu diets and sporadic workouts will never help. Our body mainly responds to gradual variations and slowly builds itself to adapt to the challenges you put on it. So proper organized planning on dieting and exercising is necessary.

A good weight loss program to follow must have a balance between active lifestyle and healthy diet. It is very often whined about, yet many find it hard to consistently follow a weight loss program. Making commitments, following them and constantly challenging yourself is what it takes to get the desired results. To make this easier, you need to have a clear and organized weight loss plan that can be adapted into your daily routine.

Before choosing any of the weight loss plan check if it meets the five essential characteristics.

Proper nutrition

There is no shortcut to healthy food. Most importantly, nutrients required by the body should be obtained by real food not by vitamin tablets or any other artificial health drinks. Many are under the impression that eating fiber and protein rich food is always appropriate, but a healthy weight loss plan must consider having an adequate amount of carbohydrate food to keep up the body energy levels.  As long as our body gets everything it needs you are good to go. Your weight loss program at any point of time shouldn’t put you on starving. This will badly affect your metabolism in the long run. You would lose a few pounds in a week, but there are more chances that it will revert back making you even more overweight. The key concept to weight loss nutrition is moderation.

Portion management and water intake

Any weight loss program must encourage portion control, which creates an inner discipline to eat food in moderation. Therefore, you should eat reasonably even when you want more. Along with this, drinking water at regular intervals is also a key factor in any weight loss program you choose. This plays an important role in detoxification, 8 to 9 glasses of water per day can wash away the wastes and toxins out of the body. After a few days you will feel energized, light and healthy. Also this controls your hunger at nights.

Workout or Exercising

A good weight loss program must include regular exercises. Being active is a key part in losing weight. It doesn’t have to be always gym workouts. You can walk; get involved in sports or any other exercise techniques like yoga or aerobics. What you can expect from doing these is a gradual change in your body fitness. Your body will slowly build muscle mass by burning the excess fat in your body. At first start slow and do nothing intense that can’t be followed regularly. This also prevents injuries and ensures consistency in exercising. You could start exercising for 20 minutes a day then slowly increase it. After exercising every day, you would observe a significant change in your self-esteem as well.

Follow a weight loss program that fits your lifestyle

Weight loss is a long-term goal and it involves the process of gradually changing your lifestyle. Before choosing a weight loss plan you must do an assessment of your current lifestyle. It is important to follow a weight loss regimen that will keep you healthy and happy. Well, if you are a busy person and intensely career driven then you must know that weight management doesn’t have to be time consuming. It just takes 20 to 30 minutes of exercise and small changes in your daily eating habits. Actually, by being healthy you would have better performance at your workplace and help yourself in achieving what you need. So there is always a way regardless of the family or career demands to stick to a weight loss plan.


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