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Quantum Wellness by Kathy Freston

Book Review

I think is book would be of extreme help to anyone trying to quit smoking. The author of this book had tried every thing available to help her quit the habit. She talks about all the ways people attempt to quit smoking and while what works for some does not always work for everyone.

Kathy Freston, was addicted to nicotine. She tried wearing the patch and acupuncture, hypnosis and attending smoking cessation classes,guided meditation and breathing exercises, and these things did not work for her because she was not paying attention to her feelings and observations of her own body. Then she began noticing how nicotine affects the body by aging your skin and hurting your lungs and hurting the immune system.

She then realized that unless she decided to want a healthy body and was willing to reach out and get help in the right ways, she would be dependant on nicotine for the rest of her life.

She began a plan which included, recognize you have a problem and be willing to change, connect spiritually and replace old habits, make yourself useful and start your path of healing, and rid your self of grudges.

In the book she explains in a easy to read manner how to lose addictive habits. It begins with many helpful choices as in prayer and meditation, nature walks and journaling, gardening and good books or movies, going to church or a temple, or any house of worship and breathing exercises, dancing or singing, doing artwork or going to a study retreat, or studying with a spiritual teacher, and lastly just talking with your friends and sharing your desire for quiting smoking.

One quote from this book you might find helpful is:

"We know we have an addiction when we find ourselves unhealthfully preoccupied by a substance, behavior, or person in such a way that our relationships, work, and health begin to suffer. You know you are addicted when your life revolves around something that severely diminishes your energy and yet you can't (or won't) stop it."

The book goes chapter by chapter, explaining how to break your dependance on bad habits and how to rebuild your health with good long lasting habits. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is serious about trying to stop smoking.

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