The Escape Plan: Part Three


This is the third of a series of four essays written to help the smoker in their attempt to stop. If you are interested in reading the others in the series you can go to my profile on Happy Breathing and check them out there.

So you have read about the habitual side and the addictive grasp that nicotine has on your body. How they both consume you and your life. Your body has paid the toll for this over the years and now you have made a conscious decision to stop the insanity and go to a better place in your life. You have checked into the different products available to you and you know which ones you have decided to use. You’ve done your homework and now you are ready for the test.

Some of you are able to do this cold turkey and you can take your hat off to them for this is usually the most successful. But for the rest of you there will be mood swings and temporary anxiety for a period of time. You know when the worst times are for you during the day and you need to redirect yourself during these times. Don’t do any risky thinking where you think just one will be okay. You’ve been so good all day that you deserve one. No! Or you think back to the ‘good ole days’. No! There is no more cigarettes. Your body is ridding itself of the toxins, you don’t want to reintroduce it into your system again and then have to start all over again.

Think of the amount of time you have stood around smoking. Day after day, week after week, month after month, and yes, year after year you have breathed this chemical into your lungs, let your brain accumulate nicotine and saturate the lungs with other poison. You have associated smoking with every facet of your life. So now you need to redirect your life and move on into the new chapter. It will take courage, dedication, commitment, motivation, and fortitude. But this is all for you and your future.

It’s time to escape the addiction and face up to the reasons behind the triggers. You will want to change your schedule and your lifestyle. You can learn more about the healing in the next part of this series. You are going to have some extreme feelings now and, depending on how you used tobacco in the past, whatever you were going through while you were smoking. That is what you will be up against now. But the trick is to redirect your thoughts and feelings. Keep busy with new activities and alleviate the triggers in this way.

Drink plenty of water to wash all the toxins out and put some good food in. This also helps to relieve the desire to smoke.

When you think that one out of two smokers will ultimately die it might come a little closer to home. If you are still unclear as to whether you want to take on this major change in your life you may want to take the test at It will let you know how your body has aged due to the damage done by smoking. You have probably already gotten some what the same information from your regular doctor.

So, as you see, the benefits you might be feeling right now far out shine the fear you might also feel. Nurture your body instead of poisoning it. You deserve it. Redirect your activities, stay away from people who smoke or places where there is smoking. Keep your smoke coach’s number nearby and keep in touch with him/her. Be positive in your attempt to turn over this new leaf. Think of all the life you have left to enjoy.

Each day is a new canvas to work on. Each cigarette not smoked is a triumph.



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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