The Ultimate Tobacco Alternative!


Did you know there are many other ways to quit smoking tobacco other way instead of nicotine patches, nicotine gum. So I’m going to tell you three ways to quit tobacco smoking here today. Instead of tobacco smoking there is an herbal blend that you can roll up and smoke that is way healthier than tobacco. People have smoked these herbs throughout history for a wide variety of reasons such as…………. Recreation, medicine, and spiritual ceremonies have all shaped the history and ritual of smoking herbs. it is a main blend of a variety of herbs such as organic Mullein leaf, organic Uva Ursi leaf, organic Skullcap herb, organic Marshmallow leaf, organic Damiana leaf, and organic Lobelia herb. Some or most of these herbs are unfamiliar but they are the best alternatives. Did you know that Marshmallow leaf and root are used for pain and swelling (inflammation) of the mucous membranes that line the respiratory tract. They are also used for dry cough, inflammation of the lining of the stomach, diarrhea, stomach ulcers, constipation , urinary tract inflammation, and stones in the urinary tract.

Also Damiana leaves have been used as an aphrodisiac and to boost sexual potency by the native peoples of Mexico, including the Mayan Indians and is used for both male and female sexual stimulation, increased energy, asthma, depression, impotence and menstrual problems such as menopause. So if your a woman or male especially if your a woman beginning menopause and you still want to smoke this is the herbal blend for you. Also if your a male trying to improve your sexual drive this is the blend for you.

Did you know Skullcaps are common herbal remedies in systems of traditional medicine. In traditional Chinese medicine they are utilized to “clear away the evil and expel superficial evils”. Scutellaria baicalensis in particular is a common component of many preparations. Its root, known as Radix Scutellariae, is the source of the Chinese medicine Huang Qin. It has been in use for over 2000 years as a remedy for such conditions as hepatitis, diarrhea, and inflammation. It is still in demand today, and marketed in volumes that have led to the over exploitation of the wild plant. Its rarity has led to an increase in price, and encouraged the adulteration of the product with other species of Scutellaria. In North America, Scutellaria lateriflora was used in Native American medicine to treat gynecological conditions. It became a common treatment in America for rabies. Today it is still a popular medicinal herb. It is widely available as a commercial product used in western herbalism to treat anxiety and muscle tension.


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  1. I found your blog a lot great and we want to thanks for that. I hope you keep up the great work!

  2. Damiana is too harsh to smoke it own. If you blend it with marshmalllow 1:4 it gives a perfect great smoking blend. Other herbs are usefull too!

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