10,000 Secrets and Facts to Happiness


Most of the articles I see online are usually about “15 things you need to accomplish before you’re 25” or “30 tips on how to live life”. Honestly speaking, it gets me every time I see these posts; first, because I feel like I need to be lectured down on a number of things about my life. Second, I’ve got a number of insecurities about myself that I should work on to prevent future damage on my career path and what not. I have this sense of harmony with my soul, but being the worrier that I am; I can’t help but think of who I’ll be years from now.

I am now in my twenties and I fear too much that I might reach 30 without accomplishing anything. I’ve had a great deal of education from my mentors and I am currently in a crowd where I am guided through my passion in writing, music, arts and anything intellectual, but I always think of other possibilities passing my way. Am I really programmed to be like this or will I be happy in the long run doing the craft that I want? Happiness then again; it makes you oversee everything, externally and internally. If I would ask myself again what happiness is, I’d answer self-assuredly that it is a feeling and understanding of peace within yourself, that no matter how many times you’ve failed on something, life will go on and you’re still part of a bigger picture. You may be as small as a peck of a dust in this universe, but you matter; I matter.

Just this morning, while I was drinking coffee and having my early routine of listening to music while writing on my journal, I’ve been asking myself the ultimate existential question again: “Who am I?” Not sounding too sentimental or anything, but probably I was just focusing too much on my accomplishments as a person. I’m from a family of doctors and lawyers and always asked if I am also pursuing one from the two supreme paths of medicine and law. Needless to say, I always respond with a decisive answer that I am currently choosing the path of the diverse: communication. I took up Communication as an undergraduate course and took it up again for my master’s degree. What I’m very thankful for is the fact that my dad never forced me to take up Medicine. He encouraged me to pursue my forte and to never stop doing what I love to do. He told me that he’s going to be proud of me regardless of the path I choose. What I love about my dad is his use of metaphors; He once told me “You my children are like kites. While you are under my roof, I’m holding you in a string, never letting you fall. But remember this, there will come a time when I need to let go of you, and when I do, I hope you already know how to go with the wind, but soaring high as you can.” My father indeed has a way with words.

All in all, I’ve come to realize now that it’s not important to enumerate all your accomplishments, achievements and titles. It’s also not about making a list of what will make you happy. In the long run, you may have all the titles you want, but if you’re not happy because you always focus on lists and bullet forms, then happiness won’t come to you whole-heartedly. It’s not about how to or how not to live life; it’s about holding the idea of happiness and liking your own “you”, and not the “you” projected by others.

Don’t brag about your edge from others; the most important thing in life is how you present yourself confidently and honestly with others, and how you find self-fulfillment in co-existing with your society while trying to build up yourself as well.

The world does not revolve around you, but remember this: How you define yourself will not depend on how you’ve expressed your accomplishments, but rather on how you’ve encompassed every journey you go through every day. Embrace life as it is; love your neighbor; smile and make someone else’s day; learn from your experiences and never reject failures.

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