Successful Marriage


Is there a secret recipe for happy and successful marriage or it’s like singing – you can it or not? To make one of those cute old couples strolling hand in the park, follow as many of the following tips for a successful marriage?

Compromises are the foundation of a happy marriage. If you are stubborn in your heels, your relationship will not progress and will tread only one place that will eventually get tired.

Sacrifice. It is important that your spouse know that you are ready to do anything for him/her. Selfishness is not inherent in the happiest marriages.

People do not change. If you commit to someone with the idea that will change him fundamentally relationship will be doomed.

Act, do not talk. Each teller is good, but the actions are the ones that really show what kind of person you are and how much you love your partner.

Cherish the small things. After years of living together small things are what remain and they are the most important – goodnight kiss, walk, hand in hand, and so on.

Share. Your husband is not a fortune teller to know what your head spin. Good communication is crucial for a successful and happy marriage.

Marriage is like a flower garden. If you do not take care of your flowers, they will fade, and in their place will push weeds. It is important for whole life to stoke your love to each other.

Sometimes you move upstream. But it is important at these times to paddle in the same direction, to be in sync, not to argue who is right and who is wrong.

It is high time to change the zeal with confidence. Jealousy and fear of infidelity can become the strongest poison for your love.

One always leads the parade and one is the right hand in the couple. There cannot be two leaders in the family, then the conflicts will be inevitable and the family would be impossible.

Keep the cage open. Give yourself space so the world for you should not only consist of your partner.

Create your own nest. Coexistence of two generations under one roof is too restrictive, creates tension and often leads to conflicts not only between the two generations, but between partners. Coexistence of two generations under one roof often doesn’t allow you to have a normal social life and intimate, to get together with friends when you want to walk around in your underwear, etc.

Do not take your partner for granted. Do not lose the fight for him,

surprise each other and do not forget about romantic gestures and that after 20 years of marriage will make your heart fluttering.

Do not run away from the dispute, it born truth, and through it grant the steam. It’s better than getting angry, silent for days, without explaining what the problem actually is. An important rule is not to go to bed at odds.

Be sexy. Be married for 10 years does not mean it’s time to stop and neglected to take care of your appearance, should be dressed in your finest dresses and makeup when going out with your husband. He finds you beautiful in every way, but feel flattered when mange because it does and still loves showing off in front of his friends.




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