This Wristwatch Comes with a Nicotine Injection System


It’s 5:05 pm and you begin to feel a slight tightening of your chest. You are inside a crowded chrome elevator with about 15 other people. Everybody’s tired and just want to go home. “Ding!” the elevator bell makes a sound and you’re now on the 30th floor. You stare at the glowing numbers of the elevator panel and every number below 30 seems to have a yellowish glow on them. You sigh and you feel your chest pound again. The elevator hums and moves down after the red headed woman in front of you gets off. You look at your wrist watch and it’s 5:06. Thoughts about the difference between comfort and discomfort make a bead of sweat fall from your brow. In your mind, you’re thinking of the pleasure of getting a drag.

Nirvana in an alternate universe

What if the story started in a different way?

Through a high tech injection system that doesn’t feel a thing, a small dose of nicotine gets injected directly into your bloodstream. It’s a high tech process that uses a system called the Transdermal Nicotine Delivery System.

Within a few minutes before you go into your craving pangs, the way you view your world becomes different. Everything suddenly falls into place and becomes pleasant. You begin to notice that there was actually music playing from the elevator. It was playing “Buttercup”. You begin to nod your head and actually smile at the person beside you. The person smiles back.

Smart wristwatch knows your peak cravings

The whole process of smoking was carefully observed by Chrono Therapeutics and they discovered that every individual smoker is actually different but have the same peak craving moments. For every smoker, the first peak moment starts in the morning right after waking up. But the SmartStop system is not just a timed delivery system, it adjusts according to an individual’s preference.

The watch can actually be synchronized with a mobile device to be able to get you the optimal dosage before you can even think about smoking. The process is automated yet can be adjusted accordingly. As time goes by, you are eventually “weaned off” the nicotine through the gradual reduction of dosage.

Will you get one?

The company behind this innovation just recently secured additional investment to further the development of its product. There are still millions of people who are highly dependent on nicotine costing many governments billions in health care costs. With bio-related technology making huge strides in diagnostic capabilities and through the culmination of new system s that can deliver nicotine to our bodies, it’s just a matter of time when cigarette smoking becomes a lifestyle rather than a deadly habit. Wearable medical technology with therapeutic capabilities is changing the whole way healthcare is delivered.


Image from Chrono Therapeutics




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