What You Lose and What You Gain?

Enjoy Life and Breathe Happy

Quitting is something that I don’t usually suggest unless it is a harmful habit like smoking. With no offence to the one who smoke, I admit that I also find it to be a disgusting habit. You may not notice it, but you stink all the time if you smoke!

One of the biggest benefits of giving up smoking is the freshness you feel almost instantly. Whiter teeth and freshness in the mouth can also be instantly felt. Almost all of my friends who used to smoke before and have quit now share this with me. They look sharp and smell good too. I remember having to keep distance while talking to them every time when they used to smoke.

Many smokers have a sour throat all the time and have to depend on constant medication to fight throat infections. Once you decide to quit, you will immediately feel it in your throat and on your tongue. You will be able to enjoy more tastes than you ever thought were available.

Of course, you start saving the money you spent on cigarettes and believe me it turns out to be a lot for most people. Having a receptive tongue will now inspire you to have more of the healthier food which used to taste bland before.

These are only few of the things that you can see for yourself in a matter of few days. DO one exercise. Just jot down the amount you have spent on smoking since many years. Now select an average rate of interest and calculate how much money you could have had today if you had invested the same. The results are mind boggling.

My friend tells me that you need a strong emotional reason to quit. This could be it. Just think what you might have done with that kind of money!


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