You and Me and Baby Makes Three: First Pregnancy Tips for a New Mom


If you are experiencing your first pregnancy, you have just embarked on one of the most exciting adventures in your life. You probably have many questions about your baby, your body and what you can expect in the months ahead. Here are a few tips to help you adjust to this new phase of your life.

Don’t Over-read What Can Go Wrong

Go easy on reading about what can go wrong during pregnancy. Statistics show that most pregnancies are completely normal, with no problems during birth. It is easy to notice every change in your body and worry, but you will have a better pregnancy experience if you don’t let yourself obsess over every thing. Stick to your regular health checkups, and enjoy the moment.

Don’t Buy Every New Baby Gizmo

The number of baby products that are now available can boggle the mind. Only buy essential items. You will probably get many other products as gifts.

Skip Maternity Clothes, Unless You Have To

Hiding your “bump” is no longer required, and you can get away with using a belly band or button extender for the most part. Toward the end of your pregnancy, you may need some simple black maternity pants or skirts to match with regular roomy tops.

Learn About All Your Birth Options

Create a birth plan, but be ready to be flexible if your particular birth requires it. You can choose a midwife, a doula or a conventional hospital birth. Only you can choose what’s right for you.

Keep Your Body Healthy

Eat healthy foods, exercise moderately and discuss any problems that arise with your physician. Gynecological issues can influence the course of your pregnancy and birth. If necessary, seek a facility like Complete Women Care Surgical Center that does minimally invasive procedures to many minor medical issues.

Find a New Mom Blog or Online Forum

Blogs and forums can answer many questions that arise during pregnancy, and you will enjoy having this contact with the outside world when you’re stuck indoors with your new baby during the first few weeks.

Indulge in Sleep While You Can

You will probably feel tired during your workday. Sleep in on your days off or indulge in an afternoon nap. The rest is good for your body, and you will look back fondly on these extra periods of sleep after the baby is born.

Learn About the Finer Points of Breastfeeding in Advance

Get a few books on breastfeeding and talk with your friends. The experiences of actual women are often more helpful on the problems and joys of breastfeeding. These tips can help you to enjoy the experience of pregnancy and help you to prepare for the unique experience of motherhood.

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