5 Resources for Facing and Overcoming Addiction


If a person is dealing with addiction, it is important for them to know that genuine help is available from a variety of sources. An addiction can be difficult to manage and even embarrassing for a person to admit having. But an addiction does not have to rule a person’s life. In fact, taking the time to be aware of the resources that will help an addict face and overcome their substance abuse is a first step towards meaningful progress and recovery. The following are a few of these resources to help a person get the help they need.

Talk With Your Physician

A physician is often a good resource to confide in when you have a substance abuse problem. One reason is because a physician is bound by HIPPA to keep your medical issues private. In addition, a physician is familiar with the dangers and side effects associated with substance abuse. They can help you develop a plan of action to start down the path of recovery.

Speak With Your Pastor

A religious leader, such as a pastor, is typically trained in some level of counseling discipline. They can often help you to find both a stronger purpose in life and the courage to face an addiction. In addition, a pastor will likely know how to help you get in touch with the right kind of people to help you address your specific addiction more directly.

Meet With a School Counselor

Since substance abuse problems often begin at the grade school and high school levels, a student should be aware that a school counselor can speak with them about their substance abuse problems. A school counselor is trained to listen and help a student figure out the best course of action they should take to get the help they need. A school counselor will also have access to other resources specifically tailored to help minors exhibiting an addiction. According to Drugabuse.gov, there is positive news with studies showing a significant decline in illicit drug use among varying age ranges of the youth over the last two decades.

Check Out a Drug Treatment Center

A quality drug treatment center knows that it is difficult for a person to face an addiction and take steps to give up an addictive substance of their choosing. These centers are also aware that struggling addicts are uncertain and uneasy about the detox process. Fortunately, new medicines and medical techniques are available to make the process go much smoother than in the past. In addition, Focus Treatment Centers and other similar facilities typically are able to help address any underlying mental health issues associated with a person’s substance abuse.

Listen to Your Own Conscience

If you are struggling with a drug addiction, it is time to listen to the voice of reason within your own mind. Part of you realizes that something is wrong and that you really do need help. The minute you realize that you need help, it is in your best interest to motivate yourself to take decisive action to actually get help. The decision to take action to get help is by far the most powerful resource at your disposal to starting you on your way down the path of genuine recovery.

Although many resources exist to help people face and overcome a deep-seated addiction, the path to recovery always begins when a person chooses to take the first step towards getting treatment. Sure, there will inevitably be challenges along the way; but, with the right help in a person’s corner, it is possible to make significant progress and ultimately overcome an addiction.

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