You’re in Control Now


Now that you have quit smoking you must feel that you have taken your life back. That you are now in control. Here are some things to consider, think about and remember:

Control Your Environment– It is important to have control over your environment. Getting rid of all cigarettes and tobacco products is very important. You will have less urges and when it is made more difficult to get you are less apt to smoke. Also making it a No Smoke Zone is important. Others shouldn’t be smoking around you.

Coping Skills- Be easy on yourself right now. Find other options for smoking. Take a walk, watch a movie, visit a friend, do some community service or take a course in gardening. Set small goals to keep you thinking about other things. Talk to your smoking coach or doctor.

Rewards- It takes two or three days for nicotine to completely leave your body. Over time your breathing and stamina will increase and you will begin to taste things and feel like a new person. The money you save by not smoking can give you the opportunity to buy something for the house or other gift for the family. And as well as feeling better you will look better too. Your hair will shine again, you won’t have those lines around your mouth and eyes, and you will smell better. All benefits of not smoking any longer.

Risky Thinking- Feel like you deserve a cigarette because you are going through something stressful? Feel like you have done well for several days and so you deserve a cigarette? Do you think of when you did smoke as ‘the good ole days’? That kind of thinking has to stop and you need to find positive and non-threatening to your quitting mental phrases you can say to yourself. Think of how happy and healthy you feel now.Stay focused on your prize.

Feelings After the Fact- You may find that you have some strong feelings now that you have quit. It is common and these feelings may come and go during the day. It depends on how you used tobacco in the past. Was it when you were frustrated or angry? What ever it was then your body is trying to figure out how to handle it now. So try to understand this and be your own best friend.

Stay focused. You are in control now.


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