6 Benefits to Cleansing



Cleansing and detox programs are household norms nowadays.  There are several different cleanses available, many targeting different parts of your body.  They can be purchased in kits from health food stores or made from fresh fruits and vegetables.  Before embarking on a cleanse, think about what you want to get out of it and choose the detox program which is best for your needs.  My personal favourite is the “Master Cleanse” which is a lemon / maple / cayenne juice diet which lasts 10 days.  It takes care of everything and you feel great when you are done!  

Here is a list of six benefits to cleansing, and why you should consider a detox diet.

Removes excess waste from the body When you cleanse, you allow your digestive tract to rest which gives your body the signal to remove excess waste.   You will be amazed at how much you have in your intestines!  I’ll try to say this as delicately as possible: your intestines are never fully clear of excrement and even after ten days of not eating, you are still able to have a bowel movement usually in the form of mucus which lines your intestinal walls.  This is where toxins are stored and you want them gone!

Weight Loss Depending on the cleanse you go on, you may lose some weight.  Many people go on a cleanse for weight loss reasons and it is quite possible to lose 10 pounds in a week, if not more.  The key to keeping it off is a healthy lifestyle following the cleanse, as it is with any diet.

Boosts Energy  You would not expect it but a cleanse gives you tons of energy! When I’ve cleansed I have felt like a recharged battery.  There can be a slump near the beginning, but otherwise you feel full of life!  The slump can last longer for those who have had unhealthy eating, drinking, or smoking habits – so it can take more will power to cleanse the body of toxins created by them.  But it is well worth the process to feel much healthier – and to perhaps kick a bad habit.

Boosts Immune System  Detoxing allows organs to function at their optimal level.  You are able to absorb nutrients much better since you are giving your body a break from harmful substances such as refined sugars, caffeine, saturated fats, and processed foods.  Some people like to cleanse when they feel sick or are coming down with something.  Cleansing is a good way to push out the virus much faster.

Beautiful Skin  After a few days of cleansing you will be surprised at how different your skin looks.  It almost appears to glow!  As you detox, toxins are pushed out through your skin, at at first you may break out with pimples or a rash: this is just the body removing poisons.  After this stage your skin begins to clear to a beautiful smoothness that many would envy.

Improved Sense of Self  If you can survive 10 days without food and feel great about it, you pretty much can do anything.  A cleanse is a life altering experience as you are constantly thinking about nutrition, food, your body and mind. These elements cary forth beyond the cleanse and can shift your mindset to greater things.




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