Beat the Addiction for Today and Tomorrow


By the time we realize that smoking is a bad habit and we must give it up, we are already addicted. The reason I say we is because even though I am not addicted to smoking, I know what addiction is. It is not always cigarettes, it could be anything that makes you restless in its absence.

So many men and women have a morning tea or coffee addiction. Without it, they simply cannot start their day. They have headaches and fatigue without it. Whatever the substance be, it is not worth giving it the power to rule over your life. God gave us this body to use and ours is the only voice directing it. The moment we give away the power to something else, we are not doing justice to the body.

Apart from the other benefits of quitting, the biggest benefit is the feeling of freedom you get when you kick the habit. I was a non-vegetarian since childhood and one fine day I realized that I must give up meat. It was in my best interest but it was something I was very much used to.

I think, the first thing we need to do is to believe it will happen and only focus on that. If anyone wants to quit smoking or break any other habit, I would suggest that you just don’t push yourself too much to do it. Be firm with yourself but also be fair. Thankfully, there are so many alternates to smoking these days that you can use any of them for a temporary habit breaking.

The best option would be to break the other habit too and just be free. If you can imagine the freedom that comes with breaking the habit, if you can feel the freshness you once felt in your lungs, the job is done. Just stick to that feeling and it will motivate you to make healthy choices.

Once you do it, you will be proud of yourself and feeling good today for the benefits you will reap tomorrow. Take the decision because the feeling that follows is worth it.

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