Discovering Myself Through Seasons


Life has a weird way of taking us through seasons of ups and downs. Some days we wake up to a beautiful sunrise and believe we are truly happy. Other days we fall asleep angry with the world or just ourselves. We may believe that our lives have very little purpose and by this time we should be doing something greater. For years I struggled with who I wanted others to know me to be and wondered if I would ever stumble upon something great. On the inside, I had plenty to offer. I wanted to share my extroverted, optimistic and vibrant personality with everyone, but instead, I only managed to share it with those closest to me. I spent more time being an introvert, very watchful and empathetic of others. Nevertheless, I knew I was destined to do something great.

For majority of my childhood, I lived too far away to make a best friend and found myself in the background, known as my mother’s daughter. Instead of following the crowd, I created the crowd, but I always felt different because I spoke intelligently and was always independently driven. For years, I did not have much of an identity, unless I was making good grades or playing sports. So I maintained a 3.8 GPA, played sports, and was in my season of greatness. I created a name for myself, during my high school years, by joining clubs, playing sports and singing in my school choir. I also maintained a 3.4GPA which rose to a 3.6 by the end of my junior year. At the end of my junior year, I won the position of student body president, cheer captain, and volleyball captain. However, what would have been an awesomely, busy senior year, was destroyed by a violent hurricane, named Katrina.

Thanks to the hurricane, I enrolled into a public school nearby, to complete my senior year. Once again, I had to create a name for myself and find my place in school. I managed to make many friends, but was too late to play any sports or join clubs. I began working at Wendy’s during the other half of the day, and worked there for five years. In that five year span, I was asked to become a manager, three times, trained numerous new employees and trained myself on any updates that arrived in the store. I never accepted the position as manager and in the meantime, accepted a part-time job as a teacher’s assistant. This is where I began to find my place, discover my passion and enjoy a new season of greatness. After graduating college, I became a full-time early childhood teacher for several years. Throughout the years, I manipulated the school’s curriculum, to enhance the learning experiences for young children. During this time, I was in my season of greatness, because I knew I was part of the reason for those light-bulbs that would go off in a child’s mind, once they learn something new. The new songs, words, and Biblical principles I was hired to teach, were so fulfilling.

However, my next season of greatness, arose when I became a mother. I discovered a love so strong and the innate passion to protect and provide for my little one. Followed by another season of greatness, where I made the decision to end a manipulative relationship with my baby’s dad. After spending some time with myself, gaining spiritual maturity, and independence, I began dating a guy who is my best-friend. Now this man is my husband and has helped me reach another season of greatness. He has encouraged me to actively share my personality with others, speak my mind and flourish as an extrovert. Most of all, he has taught me how to love and trust again. With each change or season of our lives, we may not always recognize the greatness in them, until they are gone. I have now learned how to recognize and appreciate the greatness that each season of my life has to offer. I have created a name for myself and plan to do something great with each passing season.

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