Don’t Light Up, Psych Up


I used to be a smoker, and I mainly quit by reminding myself constantly of all the advantages of being a non-smoker. I am convinced that this mental technique can work for many other struggling would-be ex-smokers too, in addition to some other psychological adaptations . Here are some tips that can really help, if they are followed scrupulously:

1) Write down a list of reasons why you want to quit smoking. Read this list whenever you feel like lighting up.

2) Decide on a date for stopping smoking, and then make sure you stop (even if you occasionally backslide after that!)

3) Tell everyone you know that you are giving up. You should find that friends and family will be only too happy to support you.

4) Organise a team effort if you can.. Find other friends/family who want to quit too, and do it together.

5) Mark off the days you have not smoked on a calendar. Look at it whenever you feel the urge to smoke.

6) Get rid of all smoking paraphernalia, i.e. not just cigarettes, but also lighters, ashtrays, etc.

7) Be ready and prepared to suffer nicotine withdrawal symptoms. They peak after one or two days, and fade over two to four weeks.

8) Tell people you don't know that you don't smoke.

9) Be prepared for wanting to eat more, but fight the urge.

10) Attend a “stopping smoking “ clinic to get support and help in stopping (your GP should be able to refer you or advise you about one of these).

Many people have used all or some of the above techniques successfully in their quitting battle, so good luck!

Hope you got something from this blog, and I appreciate your votes and comments.


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