If Only I Could Smoke Cappuccino…Oh Wait, with E-Cigarettes, I Can!


The first time I ever had a taste of capuccino it made me feel “grown up” and sophisticated. I was 16 years old back then. It was also the first time I had coffee.

I haven’t had real creamy capuccino in years. Family life often strips you down to the most basic of all habits. Smoking is my only vice, because it helps me think (or maybe, the nicotine addiction makes me feel that way).  My foray into e-cigarettes was actually encouraged by my wife. “It’s an investment for your health,” she said. And I know that she’s right (well, she’s my wife).

After buying a disposable e-cigarette a week ago for less than $10, I was convinced of its value. Well actually, I was convinced of the value of e-cigarettes generally.  However, the disposable e-cigarette that I bought (yes, the one with the funny manual) broke too soon. The LED at its tip stopped lighting, and I had to try charging it again to no success. The vaporizer must be dead. Well, that’s why they call it disposable.

Lesson learned: Don’t go for the cheap stuff when it comes to something you’ll put in your mouth.

Some of my earnings here on Breathing Happy were still untouched. I headed straight to the mall and bought a well known brand at the price of 2,300 pesos or $52. This time the store clerk actually gave me a receipt and a 30 day warranty.  I had to buy the e-juice as well, for an additional 230 pesos. The Flavor: Capuccino. Nicotine Level: High

Since I didn’t want to go cold turkey on this one, I decided that I would go from high-level nicotine to zero, slowly. The effect has been remarkable. From one pack of Marlboro Lights Gold a day (20 sticks) I went down to:

  1. 1 stick on Wednesday August 7 (Using the disposable e-cigarette)
  2. 3 sticks on Thursday August 8 (The disposable e-cigarette broke.)
  3. 3 sticks on Friday August 9 (Right before I bought a new e-cigarette)
  4. 0 real sticks of Marlboro lights Saturday August 10 

The thing with capuccino is, it’s just too good, even when just smoked. Which makes me wonder if I could resist not “vaping” in the future (I think that’s what they call it). So yes, I am actually smoking inside the house today in between sentences. But this time, instead of emitting rancid and cancer causing smoke I actually am just spewing out capuccino goodness.  I really do like it.



*Creative Commons Image via Flickr 

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