Time For Change Never Stop Working!


Have you ever been ready to give up on something, because it is no longer enjoyable? Working for a salary, which doesn’t cover the bills, an edgy relationship of non-stop fighting or arguing, or having children that zap almost every bit of energy out of you. Despite all those things, I believe you should not stop working at it, just change what you are doing. It worked for me on various occasions.

After turning down many job offerings, I decided to start a career in early childcare. After several years of teaching, I no longer felt passionate about my career. I decided to quit my job. I was in a five year relationship, with the guy I thought, someday, I would marry. The first few years were exciting and we were so in love. However, our love was tested for, two years, after he joined the military. We tried to make our long-distance relationship work during those last two years, and I managed to become pregnant. After a few more months, we agreed to go our separate ways. However, that change, led me to my best-friend, and we began dating. After 6 months of no love-making and plenty of unconditional love to go around, he proposed to me. We are currently married, raising our daughter together and finally have no regrets. Each day our smiles get bigger and the distance, due to the military, makes our love stronger. As for our, energetic, two year old, well let’s ju st say, outdoor playtime is my best-friend. I pray daily that each day, we can have some time to spend outdoors. We tend to our container garden, run and swim, go to the park, library, movies and daycare. I told you, the outdoors has become my best-friend.

Now, with an entire summer to figure out which way to go and enough savings to take care of me and my family, I went on a quest rediscover my passion. I am currently, in the process of writing grants and business propositions to expand our family business. I traded in my teaching job, to become a stay-at-home mom, and part time secretary. I am, also, developing my own website, which contains a blog, about our 3rd floor apartments, patio container garden. Please visit http://3rdfloormom.weebly.com to see pictures of our garden. Lastly, I have decided to share my talent for creative organization with others, as offer tutoring to 4-12 year olds. Although I quit my jobs, ended a long-term relationship and have an energetic two-year old; I have not stopped working, I just changed what I am doing. By following my passions, and obviously, as you can see, I have a lot of them, I have become extremely happy



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