Feng Shui Tips for Your Health and Well-Being


Have you ever felt that the atmosphere in your home simply bothers you? According to the ancient Chinese art, Feng Shui, everything around us influences out health and everyday improvement. If you have planned to enhance you living or working place using Feng Shui, you should definitely start with Feng Shui for Health. It entails various effective suggestions about the organization and decoration of your environment, ranging from colors to the position of the furniture. The basic goal of this ancient skill is to increase the flow of positive energy in your surroundings, making it perfect for your well-being.

Feng Shui Octagon: Colors defining your living space

One of the most important things when it comes to your overall health is lighting and colors. Apart from providing your room with a lot of natural and artificial light, you need to pay attention to colors, which represent one of the crucial elements in relation to your health. According to this ancient art, the choice of colors for your home is based on Feng Shui Octagon, where every room has its own value and needs to be painted in strictly determined tones and colors. Since we are dealing with health, its position within the octagon is of a crucial importance for us. Health is situated in the very center of the octagon, representing the key element of our lives. All other elements such as family, love, prosperity, reputation, fame or knowledge are attached to it and they are strongly dependent on it. Colors related to health are bright and strong, especially yellow. It enhances our physical, mental, and emotional health. All natural, earth tones influence our health area positively.

Clear air: Be careful about what you breathe

We all know that the air pollution may cause numerous respiratory diseases, but have you ever thought about the air we breathe while we spend time in our room or office. Since ecologically-friendly homes and buildings are still futuristic solution that won’t be realized soon, we have to try to do our best with what we actually have. Our computers, TV monitors and cell phones radiate all the time making the whole place unpleasant for living. At the same time, these are some must-have things, and without them we can hardly function. You can enhance your living energy by buying air purifying plants, as well as candles, some natural air purifiers and so on.

Home reorganization: Make your living space an oasis of peace

Get rid of clutter

One of the most important things that need to be undertaken is the redecoration and reorganization of our space. According to Feng Shui, one of the most important steps is actually to get rid of the clutter. Even though we don’t notice it directly, untidiness corrupts our mind and soul, making the life and health energy negative. We shouldn’t pile things under our beds or scatter them across our shelves and closets.

Avoid large objects

Colossal, spiral objects rising from the bottom to the ceiling, such as large bookshelves or pillars need to be avoided for they disturb the Earth, and therefore, threaten to your health and well-being.

When it comes to reorganization, you have to pay attention to the, so- called trinity, including out bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Spa-bathroom When it comes to your bathroom, you should turn it into the oasis of peace and relaxation. Everything in there needs to be of bright colors and to serve as a means of enjoyment. You can fill the room with aromatic sticks and candles for such purposes.

Bedroom: cozy and peaceful

Bedroom is a place where we spend most of our time. As its purpose is based on relaxation, peace and love, its organization is of crucial importance. One of the most prominent things is the position of your bed, according to the Commanding Position. However, that spot is the furthest from the door, but at the same time, you should still be able to see the hallway and hear if anyone if approaching. That is how you will feel safer, cozier and stronger. Your closet, work desk and shelves cannot be in total mess. Although you need to spend much time on their organization, once you do that, you will feel calmer and more relaxed. You could also enhance the entire room with small shaggy rugs, which will make it warmer and more comfortable.

All in all, the art of Feng Shui has been used for centuries in enhancing people’s lifestyle. It is used for numerous purposes- in offices to bring money, prosperity and success. It is used in our homes for similar reasons, from maintaining the happiness and harmony within a family to creating more relaxing atmosphere. However, all these segments are completely worthless if we suffer from a particular health problem. That is why Feng Shui for health and well-being is the most crucial one. It represents the basis from which we need to start if we want to experience real inner peace and heal from anxiety caused by everyday problems. If you strictly follow these tips, you will definitely succeed in enhancing the positive energy, in relation to both, your mental and physical state.



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