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First rule of Feng Shui is to get your home clean and clutter-free. Even if you do not believe in the ancient Eastern philosophical system for putting order in your life and acquire all your desires, this one rule is psychologically approved too. Piles of clutter around the house, old items, which you don’t throw away, and all those times you got late for work just because you couldn’t find your favourite lipstick, or tie. If you collect everything, and stack it in a pile, you are not only on the verge of becoming a chronic hoarder, but also harming your mind’s harmony, and overall well-being. Once you get rid of clutter. set some order and completely clean your home, you will immediately notice you feel more energized, more at ease, and the nagging feeling you need to do something, or you’re forgetting something, will completely disappear. De-cluttering is especially motivating in the beginning of the year, as it will make you let go of “things past” and start the year on the right foot.

Here’s your warm-up list of areas to straighten up first and take it from there:

1. Clothes.

Clutter in your wardrobe is not only annoying, it can easily obstruct your daily rhythm when you need to spend 10 minutes to dig up your favourite T-shirt. Then it will be all in wrinkles, so you’ll have to spend even more time on ironing it. And there is your 15 minutes delay to get to work. Try to periodically re-organize your clothes and throw away (or better yet – donate) anything you haven’t worn in more than a year, chances are you will never wear it again. This way you’ll have a well-organized wardrobe consisting only of clothes you need. And the bonus there is you’ll clear up space for new purchases.

2. Receipts and documents.

Always get your bills online. This will not only be your more sustainable and environmentally friendly choice, it will help you keep track of your bills without burying your house in papers. Also, if you don’t intend to return a purchase, scan the receipt for your personal finance records, and throw it away. Be careful with any documents that might be sensitive in regards to your taxes. Otherwise check for how long you’ll need a document, and then get rid of it as soon as possible.

3. Medicine cabinet.

Now, you have to be especially careful with medicine, and never allow your hoarding inclinations to manifest in storing up on out of date medicine and vitamins. Make routine checks of your medicine cabinets, at least a couple of times a year. Throw away everything that is past its due date. And be careful, dispose of medicine only at the appointed medical disposal points in your community. Otherwise you endanger the environment and stray animals which might get in contact with the outdated chemicals.

4. Old magazines and journals.

It is highly unlikely that you’ll ever re-read any of those old magazines lying around your house. So clear up some space by recycling them, or better yet donating them. You can give them to libraries, or doctor’s offices and nursing homes. Chances are people there will gladly accept them. In case you feel especially fond of your huge collection of outdated magazines, there is a thrifty way to keep them around, without cluttering your space. A stack of magazines used as a night-stand or side-table is a creative and impressive design solution for your bedroom or living room.

5. Food.

Go through the food in your fridge and pantry on a weekly basis, and see if there is anything that has expired, or is spoiled, and through it away. If you have any products that are not open yet, but you know you will not use in the future, donate them to a shelter, or give them straight to a person in need. This way you will clear some space (and prevent any rotten stenches), and the food will not go to waste but help someone else.

6. Electronics.

If you happen to have any broken or faulty appliances and electronics, make sure to dispose of them quickly and properly. Don’t give in to the temptation to just stash them away in you garage or work-shed, you probably won’t ever take them out of there. Instead, bring them to a place for electronics disposal. Big electronics stores, for example, often suggest to take care of the scrapping for you. Some places even offer to sell say a new fridge with a big discount if you bring your old fridge to them. If your electronics are still in working order, but you have no need for them, then sell them on eBay, give them to a family member, who will make use of them, or again – just donate them.

7. Beauty products.

Last but not least, keep an eye on your cosmetics’ expiration dates. Carefully go through your make-up and beauty products, and make sure they are not expired. Also, something people often overlook, but is particularly important, is to check the time you have to use up a product after you first open it. Pay attention to the small picture of a container that you will find on every cosmetics package. Inside there is the number of months you have to use the product before it goes bad. Throw away anything that is out of date, because expired cosmetics and make-up could be really damaging to your skin.

Get rid of all material possessions you no longer need. Clear your space, clear your mind, and let go of all stress and overwhelming thoughts. This will make your life so much easier and more pleasant.


Image source: Flickr Creative Commons 

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