How to Choose the Right Vape pen


Choosing the right vape pen is hard since they come in a ton of varieties nowadays from different size, shapes, power, and use. Some might be for dry herbs, some for concentrates and others for e­liquids. Regardless of what you want to use it for, all portable vape pens come down to three categories to look at and decide which you like the best. Those three categories fall in to variable temperature control, performance, and warranty. Doing a quick review check on each vape will give you the answers you need.

Variable Temperature Control Setting:

Variable temperature control setting on a vape pen is very important regardless of what you are vaping. Not all dry herbs are going to vaporize at the same temperature causing some too combust and burn which creates the same effects as smoking not vaping. E­liquids will taste harsh if the temperature is turned up too high. The PG/VG mix ratio that it is at will need to set well. Through a process of trial and error, you can easily find the right set up. Different vape pens will have different formats. Electronic cigarettes will come in variable voltage and variable wattage which is how they measure the heat. Dry herb vaporizers actually go by the temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Performance and Durability:

Vape pens might look small, but they can definitely pack a punch if the performance is there. For dry herb vaporizers and wax concentrate vaporizers, the coil will need to be perfect. Dry herb vaporizers can be ceramic heating elements with borosilicate glass wrapped around them and wax concentrate vape pens will have a tightly wrapped coil around a wick which soaks up all the wax to keep the coil from burning out. You do not want your coils getting hot too quick as this can cause combustion of your dry herbs.

Durability in vape pens is another extra added bonus because its portable and goes with you everywhere. You need to make sure it is reliable enough to be used and abused a bit before giving out. Keep in mind, there will be times where you are carrying it around with you everywhere you go for long periods of time. Whether it is in your pocket or purse, it will get hit and thrown around. Generally vape pens tend to do well though with stuff like this.


Warranty is extremely important when it comes to finding the right vape pen. Seeing a manufacturer who has long warranty on their vape pens is a huge plus because it shows that the company is backing up their own products. Generally speaking, a 1 year warranty, like the one offered by King Pen Vapes, is long enough to give you an eased sense of mind, however, some companies go up to 5­ or 10 years, with a handful of companies doing lifetime warranty. Warranties can be handled through the company you purchased the vaporizer from. Each vaporizer will have its own warranty plan so make sure to check each one out. To replace something, contact the store or company where you bought the vaporizer, tell them the problem, and they will generally take care of it right away.

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