LOVE: A Four Letter Word or a Whole New Meaning to Life?


I remember when I was a teenager I used to sit around with my high school sweetheart asking myself this question day after day. At that age, you don’t realize that the world can even be such a cruel place. Everything seems so perfect and dandy when you think that you have it all. We would spend half our time all wrapped up with each other I never was able to answer this question. As a sixteen year old girl in love for the first time, I imagined myself spending the rest of my life with a boy who treated me the way no one ever wants to be treated. They always say ’treat others the way you’d want to be treated’. And that’s exactly right, even if they don’t treat you the same you should never give up hope or lose your dignity over that.

The day did come, when that relationship just turned in to one of many. We went our separate ways once high school ended and it was heartbreaking. I could never imagine myself giving my whole heart to another boy again. Until I figured out that was just my problem, I was giving my heart away to a “boy”. I was never going to get anywhere in relationships if I kept letting all the high school jocks get a shot at my heart. See what I’ve learned, is you have to stop expecting that everyone you meet is going to treat you the same way, whether its good or bad. No one, and I definitely mean no one is the same. You’re going to have people that treat you like you mean nothing to them (an those will be the ones you keep falling for) and then you’ll have the nice guys…

The ones who would do anything for you but for some odd reason you cant seem to wrap your pretty face around the fact that he could be a potential boyfriend, etc. Until one day, love isn’t going to be just another four letter word to you, its going to be an extraordinary life changing experience. The moment you realize you’ve found the one worth keeping, waiting for, and the one worth loving no matter what obstacles life throws at you.. Your going to be thankful for that one heart racing moment that’s going to change your life, yes, forever. You just have to learn to enjoy the long, bumpy ride. This moment will not come easy to you, or anyone for that matter. But let me tell you when it does, its worth every single heartbreak, every little tear that’s shed down your face. Those simple yet terrifying words that are going to whisper across that one persons lips “I love you,” is the most exhilarating moment you will face. So wake up, wipe the tears off, put your best smile on and dress as if today is the day the man of your dreams will waltz into your life. I promise you, you wont regret this.


*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.


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