Oh, I’m so bored!

Enjoy Life and Breathe Happy

I have observed people who smoke for many years. My daughter, her boyfriend, co-workers and friends alike seem to get nervous when they feel bored and have to grab a cigarette. This becomes such a habitual activity that it must be very hard to stop. I think that instead of smoking a person needs to take up a hobby or activity. In the Winter months this may not be easy. What about bowling, indoor mountain climbing, bumper cars,paint balling, crocheting, knitting, beading, or just going for a walk. Get up and move. Incorporating new things into your life will alleviate boredom and help you to not have so many opportunities to smoke. Isn’t this the goal?

Oh, I’m so bored!

The more things we find to do with our hands the less time we have for smoking. Pick up a book when you feel the need to smoke because you feel bored. Make sure its a page turner too. I hear Shades of Grey is one that will keep you coming back. have some things setting nearby for you to pick up instead of smoking. Redirect your thinking.




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